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Cache Callouts in CS:GO

Cache map invites into a specific atmosphere of the Nuclear Station Chernobyl. It’s a good place to practice shooting art of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Cache opens many interesting possibilities for both teams. Some players like this location, and still there are some people even among professionals who prefer avoiding it. We recommend getting known with all the Cache callouts and trying out the map.

cache map callouts

Here is the list of all Cache callouts:

  • Mid - a central area of the map.

  • A Site - one of two zones to plant the bomb.

  • T Spawn - the base of terrorists, they start new rounds from here.

  • A Long - terrorists may pass this long area while moving to A Site.

  • Squeaky - a room near A Site. It has a blue squeaky door, and some players tell they are on Squeaky if they stay near that door on A Site.

  • Shroud - or Boost Boxes, a set of boxes on the left side of the squeaky door (for terrorists who enter A Side from there). Only by helping each other, players can jump onto these boxes.

  • NBK - or Fence, or Close Right, a professional player NBK demonstrated once a phenomenal style here, so this corner of A Site is named after him.

  • Quad - an area around the stack of four boxes on A Site. They are located near NBK.

  • A Default - the best place to plant the bomb on A Site. It’s convenient for terrorists thanks to various protections from many sides.

  • Forklift - an area around the forklift car on A Site.

  • Balcony - a balcony on A Site.

  • Highway - a narrow way from Mid to A Site.

  • Truck - counter-terrorists pass this truck while moving to A Site from CT Halls.

  • White Box - an area between Mid and Highway, around a white box located there.

  • Sand Bags - they lay near Mid Roof from the side of CT Connector.

  • Mid Roof - players are on Mid Roof if they are on top of the building near Vents.

  • Vents - they connect Mid and Checkers.

  • Cubby - a corner near A Main, below Boost.

  • Boost - a roof opposite to Vents, close to Mid.

  • Checkers - Vents lead to this room. This callout comes from the floor patterns.

  • Back Checkers - there are boxes inside the Checkers room, and this callout refers to the area around them.

  • Garage - it’s located between Mid and T Spawn. In fact, this is really a big garage.

  • Dumpster - a room between Garage and B Halls.

  • B Halls - terrorists can pass this room on their way to B Site.

  • B Main - a room near B Site.

  • B Main Boxes - some counter-terrorists hide behind these boxes near B Main from the side of Checkers

  • Sun Room - from B Hall, players can enter this room and enjoy the painting of the Sun on the wall.

  • B Offen - an area that connects Checkers, B Hall, B Site and Hell.

  • Pit - it’s located near B Ramp.

  • Headshot - an area near B Ramp from the side of Heaven. If players crouch here, opponents can see only their heads** - what a chance for headshots!

  • B Site - terrorists are eager to plant bomb here or on A Site.

  • B Default - a spot with big B, a default planting area.

  • Spray - or Back Site, a space behind the boxes on B Site. Try to hide here.

  • Close Left - when counter-terrorists enter B Site, they should check the left (for them) corner of B Site. Some terrorists hide there after planting.

  • Heaven - or Upper, a way from CT Halls to B Site, the top of a wooden ramp.

  • Blue - players are on Blue when they stay near the blue wall close to Heaven.

  • Rafters - a platform near Heaven.

  • Tree - it grows on a platform close to Hell. Players can jump to it.

  • CT Spawn - if you play for counter-terrorists, you start rounds here.

  • T Truck - terrorists pass it moving to A Long from their spawn area. The callout usually refers to the area behind the truck.

  • Flash Window - players can flash their opponents on B Site, throwing there grenades from Sun Room through this window.

  • A Main - a big warehouse that connects A Long and A Site

  • Lockers - if players enter A Main from A Long, they first appear in this room. It has lockers inside.

Communication plays one of the most importnant things in team play. Using callouts for Cache to swap information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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