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Overpass Callouts in CS:GO

Overpass map was added to the game in 2013. The location is quite interesting with many tactical possibilities for players. The Bomb Defusal scenario takes place in virtual Berlin. Counter-terrorists and terrorists fight in a park and in a canal overpass below it. It’s a demanded map during professional competitions, so you better learn CS:GO Overpass callouts beforehand.

overpass map callouts

Here is the list of all Overpass callouts:

  • A Site - an area for planting the bomb.

  • B Site - another choice for terrorists to plant the bomb. On the CS:GO map Overpass, bomb sites are located quite close to each other.

  • T Spawn - on this location, terrorists start rounds in a big distance from the bombsites.

  • A Long - this is a long way for terrorists to reach A Site. They should pass Upper Tunnels and Fountain if moving from T Spawn

  • Upper Tunnels - after spawning, terrorists can turn left and enter this area. It leads to Fountain (another turn left) or through Ladder to Lower Tunnels and Connector.

  • Lower Tunnels - to move to Connector and Mid from Upper Tunnels. Players enter this area with Ladder.

  • Connector - it connects Lower Tunnels and Mid.

  • Party - it seems like someone prepared celebration here, right before the Bomb Defusal scenario began.

  • Mid - a big area on the way from Fountain to Toilets and A Site

  • Fountain - it’s located between Mid, A Long, and Upper Tunnels.

  • Playground - an area behind Fountain. It’s possible to enter it from the side of Upper Tunnels and closer to A Long.

  • Park Conn - an alternative way to A Long, through Mid and Toilets.

  • Close Left (Long) - a nice corner for hiding on A Site, waiting for opponents entering this area from A Long.

  • Van - it’s located at the back of A Site.

  • Default (A) - a place to plant the bomb on A Site. It’s marked with a big letter A.

  • Restroom - it is located on the way from Mid to A Site, a kind of alternative to A Short.

  • A Short - this area connects Mid and A Site.

  • CT - on Overpass, counter-terrorists spawn on A Site, so this map callout refers to that area and especially its backside.

  • Monster - terrorists use this tunnel to enter B Site directly from their spawn area.

  • Pipe - a connector between Tracks and Water.

  • Water - or Construction, an area with water, on the way from Short Tunnels to Short B.

  • Squeaky - a door between Water and Connector.

  • B Short - a way to B Site from Water.

  • Sandbags - some bags with sand that lay on B Short.

  • Pillar - it’s located on B Site and can be used as protection.

  • Toxic Barrels - hide behind these barrels to have a nice view at opponents that enter B Site from Monster and Sewers.

  • Pit - this is an area with water at the back of B Site. Players jump into it from Heaven.

  • Heaven - a platform above B Site, opposite to Sewers.

  • Cafe - a sign on the wall, near Long Toilets.

  • Bench - it stays opposite the Cafe sign.

  • Storage - a room behind Bank.

  • Bridge - it’s located very close to B Site, connecting Sandbags on B Short and Walkway.

  • Boost - players can observe B Site from this place on Water.

  • Signpost - it’s located on A Site between entrances to A Short and A Long.

Communication is one of the most essential things in team play. Using Overpass csgo callouts to swap information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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