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Prime Status In CS2 And It’s Advantages For Players

Almost any free-to-play online game these days has some sort of premium paid tier attached to it. This can be something like a battle pass or seasonal pass that gives the player certain perks or cosmetic items.

CS:GO as well as CS2 has a similar tier known as Prime Status. Prime Status players have access to various matchmaking benefits as well as extra rewards that can drop after games. Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Prime Status in Counter-Strike so you can decide if it’s worth your hard-earned money.

What Is Prime Status In CS:GO and CS2?

Prime Status is essentially a premium tier that players in CS:GO and CS2 can purchase outside of the normal free-to-play version of the game. The current free version still includes all elements of the full game, so Prime Status doesn’t impact the main features. Instead, it adds bonus rewards and access to extended features.

How Much is Prime Status in CS:GO and CS2?

Currently, Prime Status costs $14.99 and is a one-time purchase. However, those who bought the game before it went fully free already have Prime Status if they are using the same account.

So if you are considering Prime Status, start by checking if you already have it.

How to Check If I Have Prime Status

To check your Prime Status in, go to the main menu and open “Play CS:GO”. If you have Prime Status, it will show a Prime-enabled badge to show that your Prime Status is active. If the badge is not present, it means you don’t have Prime Status and you will need to purchase it.

This can be done either in-game or via the Steam store.

Prime is not available through third-party sellers like many skins and game items are. So don’t fall for any scams offering discounted Prime Status on third-party websites. Prime Status is only available via Steam or the CS:GO client.

Once purchased, it’s instantly activated and you can start enjoying all the benefits immediately after purchase.

How To Get Prime Status in CS:GO and CS2

Prime Status is only available for purchase in-game or in the Steam Marketplace. It can’t be purchased via other vendors or on other sites.

You pay a one-time fee of $14.99 and your account will automatically be updated to Prime Status. You will then start receiving weekly rewards, XP, service medals, and access to ranked play.

Your competitive skill group may take a few games after buying Prime Status as the system calculates your score and decides your placement based on your gameplay.

Is Prime Status Worth It?

The big question with Prime Status is whether or not it’s worth it. For many players, it 100% is and we’ll discuss why below.


This is likely the biggest reason: Prime Status gives you access to ranked playlists. Non-Prime accounts cannot play ranked games. So if you’re serious about climbing up the ranks and testing your skills, you’ll need a Prime account.

Being matched with other Prime accounts also drastically reduces the number of cheaters you encounter. Of course, it can’t guarantee to remove them all, but the ranked playlists have stronger anti-cheat protections and can permanently ban cheating accounts.

Finally, if you want to play with friends who are in ranked matches, you have to have Prime Status as well. If you don’t have Prime Status and party up with accounts that do, the whole party will be seen by the matchmaking system as non-Prime, and you can’t play ranked.

Better Rewards

The second main reason, and possibly the most important for some players, is that Prime Status gives you access to a better pool of rewards as well as rewards that aren’t even available to non-Prime accounts.

For example, Prime accounts get weekly weapon cases and graffiti drops. These drops come from a special pool of items and some can be valuable enough to sell and pay for the cost of the Prime Status itself.

Outside of Prime drops, there are other ways to get free items. You can learn how to get free skins in CS2 in our tutorial. There are free skins available both with Prime Status and without. So it’s perfect for all players looking to grab as many skins as they can.

Competitive Skill Groups

Another benefit of Prime accounts is that they can earn XP and service medals, while non-Prime accounts can’t. Prime accounts also get access to competitive skill groups.

Competitive skill groups are like a ranking system that goes from Silver 1 all the way up to The Global Elite. Your skill group is determined via an Elo-type system and is displayed in-game. Your skill group is different from your profile rank and is only available to Prime Status accounts.

Even if you aren’t that serious about climbing the skill groups, it still helps to match you with similar players and can result in more fun and competitive matches.

Is CS:GO and CS2 Prime Permanent?

Yes. Prime Status is permanent in CS2 and once purchased or if you had bought the game before it went fully free to play. There is currently no way to remove Prime status from your account.

However, cheating or other in-game infractions can cause your account to be banned, and you will lose access to Prime benefits. This doesn’t include cheat codes used in private matches or against bots. Players are still free to use those in custom games.

Prime Status is not a monthly or seasonal pass like many other games. Instead, you buy it once and can enjoy the benefits from that point on without having to re-purchase it at any time.

Prime Status will also be carrying over to the new CS2, so this may be a good reason to buy it now in case there is a price increase or change when CS2 goes public.

More Information About Prime Status

Overall, Prime Status is a very good value if you play regularly. For a small one-time fee, you get many benefits that far exceed the original price.

Also, compared to other games that generally force you to pay every season or several times a year for similar features, Prime Status is a very consumer-friendly option when most games are doing the opposite.

Even if you don’t play ranked, the extra case drops will usually pay for the price of Prime over time with the items you receive. Some players even sell these drops or use them for trading up. Whether you keep these drops or sell them, it generally is worth it.

So, if you’re a regular player and don’t have Prime, you should really consider it. Especially with CS2 right around the corner.

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