All CS:GO Ranks and Ranking System
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All CS:GO Ranks and Ranking System

The CS GO ranking system is a significant part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It allows players to monitor their progress and gives additional motivation to invest time and energy in the game. Also, CS:GO ranks support the excitement of the playing process – thanks to them, you meet teammates and opponents of similar skill levels.

Understanding the CS:GO ranking system will help to know where to put your efforts at various stages of your in-game growth and which prospects await you in the future. Here is a detailed guide on this topic – we hope it will be useful for gamers of all CS:GO levels.

Introduction to CS:GO Ranks

When you start playing this game, you have no rank at all. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may seem simple – just run and shoot opponents. In fact, this shooter is rather deep and complicated. Beginners should learn CS:GO tips, shooting mechanics, features of various weapons, slight details of the maps, possible team strategies, and many other game aspects which are hidden at first sight.

Of course, excellent playing skills can be developed only with practice, as well as with correct adjustment of CS:GO configs. But even small steps in this direction are needed to achieve your first rank and be allowed to play in official matchmaking. Without this preparation, you might spoil your CS:GO experience from the very start.

Let’s make a step-by-step plan for getting your first rank in CS:GO:

  1. Play with bots to understand the game basics. This step will develop your feel for your character and his weapon, trying some maps and both teams. Don’t get stuck in offline matches too long – move forward when you feel ready.
  2. Play online matches of various CS:GO modes, except CS GO competitive. This will give you a glimpse of the community and multiplayer shootouts. The best choices here are Deathmatch (different weapons, constant respawns) and Casual (rules similar to competitive matchmaking but with more players in the teams). Also, this is a way to earn experience points for your account and to boost it to the 2nd level. You will be able to get your first rank only with this condition.
  3. After reaching the second experience level, participate in competitive matchmaking and complete 10 CS:GO ranking matches. They are needed for the game system to understand your real skills. Your first ranking matches will be against rather weak opponents. Then their power will grow – to give you a chance to prove your strength.
  4. Your initial rank is just the start of the journey – develop your skills in every possible way and play more competitive matches to improve your CS:GO rank.

Some assistance on the way might be very helpful – for example, use CS:GO Launch Options to make the game comfortable to the max. For the same reason, many players use CS:GO Console Commands.

All CSGO Ranks List

In total, there are 18 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranks.

Six of them are for beginners. Such players don’t use any strategy in the game and can’t organize teamwork on a decent level. But they might be good at shooting and know the main maps quite well. Let’s cover new CSGO Ranks with CSGO new rank icons. Next CS GO ranks in order, as you are likely aware.

CS GO Rank System (CS GO Competitive Ranks):

  1. CS:GO Ranks Explained Silver 1 CSGO Silver I (S1);

  2. CS:GO Ranks Explained Silver 2 Silver 2 CSGO (S2);

  3. CS:GO Ranks Explained Silver 3 Silver III (S3);

  4. CS:GO Ranks Explained Silver 4 Silver IV (S4);

  5. CS:GO Ranks Explained Silver Elite Silver Elite (SE);

  6. CS:GO Ranks Explained Silver Elite Master Silver Elite Master (SEM);

  7. CS:GO Ranks Explained Gold Nova 1 Gold Nova I (GN1);

  8. CS:GO Ranks Explained Gold Nova 2 Gold Nova II (GN2);

  9. CS:GO Ranks Explained Gold Nova 3 Gold Nova III (GN3;

  10. CS:GO Ranks Explained Gold Nova Master 4 Gold Nova Master (GNM/GN4);

  11. CS:GO Ranks Explained Master Guardian 1 Master Guardian I (MG/MG1);

  12. CS:GO Ranks Explained Master Guardian 2 Master Guardian II (MG2);

  13. CS:GO Ranks Explained Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite (MGE);

  14. CS:GO Ranks Explained Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian CS:GO (DMG);

  15. CS:GO Ranks Explained Legendary Eagle Legendary Eagle (LE);

  16. CS:GO Ranks Explained Legendary Eagle Master Legendary Eagle Master (LEM CSGO);

  17. CS:GO Ranks Explained Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class (SMFC);

  18. CS:GO Ranks Explained Master Global Elite Global Elite CS GO (GE);

So, we have seven CS ranks for players with nice skills (Gold Nova I (GN1), Gold Nova II (GN2), Gold Nova III (GN3), Gold Nova Master (GNM/GN4), Master Guardian I (MG/MG1), Master Guardian II (MG2), Master Guardian Elite (MGE CSGO) - highest rank in CSGO), who are very good at accurate shooting, and have learned the maps in detail. They also understand basic strategies and know the power of team play.

The last five Counter Strike ranks are for advanced players, who mastered most of the game aspects. They need to work only on perfecting teamwork and some slight elements of their playing style. Some luck also will come in handy.

This is CSGO New Ranking System – it doesn’t really differ from the previous one, but the icons design was changed.

Some guys are much better in CS:GO than players with the CS:GO Global Elite rank – they are professionals and participate in Esports tournaments, such as Faceit Major: London 2018 and DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018.

CS:GO Competitive Ranks

The very core of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is competitive to the max. Players fight each other to become the best in a particular round, in a separate match, and in a whole tournament.

Also, players put significant effort into getting the best CS:GO rankings. Almost everyone wants to enter the group of elite ranks. Almost no one wants to remain on low ranks for too long.

The ranking competition makes up a kind of battle among players. We’ve visualized the results on the following picture. It’s the current CS:GO competitive ranks distribution. Are you in the massive community of middle-ranks? Are you among the best players?

cs go competetive ranks distribution

How to Rank up in CS:GO?

Now you know how to get better at CS:GO and which steps to take on the way to Global Elite. But how to actually get new ranks in CS GO? How do you rank up in CSGO?

After getting your first rank, both ways become possible: up and down. If you play worse than during your ranking matches, your positions will be adjusted according to your real performance. If you play better, your rank will become better too.

Check out our full guide on how to rank up in CS:GO.

Which aspects are meaningful for changing your CS:GO rank? All of them! The developers from Valve have created quite a multilayered system. They keep it secret from the community to prevent cheaters from using some tricks for getting undeserved CS GO ranks.

It would be nice to keep your eyes on all the aspects of your in-game style and try to make all of them flawless.

To rank up in CS:GO you should keep in mind:

  • Number of kills.
  • Percent of accurate shots.
  • Number of deaths.
  • Won rounds and matches.
  • Level of opponents and teammates.

The best attitude to the process of improving CS:GO rankings is to pay them less attention and just enjoy the game. The primary reason for their existence is to make competitive matchmaking fair and interesting to the max. Gaming excitement and joy of the very playing process is much more significant than getting a higher rank.

The CS:GO ranking system doesn’t influence even getting free skins and cases from random drops – players of any rank can trade CS:GO skins on DMarket and get real money from their virtual adventures.

CS:GO XP Levels (Ranks and Experience in CS:GO)

To not leave you in a bit of a confused state, let’s explain the difference between ranks CSGO and experience levels in CS:GO:

  • Your rank is a kind of indicator of your in-game skills (like rating system in Dota 2);
  • Experience level is an indicator of your efforts in the game – how much time you spent and how successful you are in various modes, not only in competitive matchmaking.

Your experience level has no influence on the game process. By reaching new levels, you get surprises from the game (random drops). Players gain experience points for almost any action in multiplayer shootouts.

Here is the full list of experience levelsin CS:GO:

Recruit Rank 0 1,000 XP
Private Rank 1 5,000 XP 1,000 XP
Private Rank 2 5,000 XP 6,000 XP
Private Rank 3 5,000 XP 11,000 XP
Private Rank 4 5,000 XP 16,000 XP
Corporal Rank 5 5,000 XP 21,000 XP
Corporal Rank 6 5,000 XP 26,000 XP
Corporal Rank 7 5,000 XP 31,000 XP
Corporal Rank 8 5,000 XP 36,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 9 5,000 XP 41,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 10 5,000 XP 46,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 11 5,000 XP 51,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 12 5,000 XP 56,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 13 5,000 XP 61,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 14 5,000 XP 66,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 15 5,000 XP 71,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 16 5,000 XP 76,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 17 5,000 XP 81,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 18 5,000 XP 86,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 19 5,000 XP 91,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 20 5,000 XP 96,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 21 5,000 XP 101,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 22 5,000 XP 106,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 23 5,000 XP 111,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 24 5,000 XP 116,000 XP
Captain Rank 25 5,000 XP 121,000 XP
Captain Rank 26 5,000 XP 126,000 XP
Captain Rank 27 5,000 XP 131,000 XP
Captain Rank 28 5,000 XP 136,000 XP
Major Rank 29 5,000 XP 141,000 XP
Major Rank 30 5,000 XP 146,000 XP
Major Rank 31 5,000 XP 151,000 XP
Major Rank 32 5,000 XP 156,000 XP
Colonel Rank 33 5,000 XP 161,000 XP
Colonel Rank 34 5,000 XP 166,000 XP
Colonel Rank 35 5,000 XP 171,000 XP
Brigadier General Rank 36 5,000 XP 176,000 XP
Major General Rank 37 5,000 XP 181,000 XP
Lieutenant General Rank 38 5,000 XP 186,000 XP
General Rank 39 5,000 XP 191,000 XP
Global General Rank 40 N/A 196,000 XP

Players can develop their accounts up to the 40th experience level. Then, the game gives a special CS:GO Service Medal for this. The experience level will jump to 1 again but with different colors of the icons – to repeat the same growth and get a new medal.

Even the most enthusiastic players will be limited in their quantity of Service Medals per year. The developers release new medals for new annual seasons.

Have a look at CS:GO Medals from different years:

CS:GO Serves Medals per year Beware of smurfs! You might find yourself losing to seemingly equal opponents without a single chance. No need to fail into depression – it’s quite possible that those guys are smurfs. They are skilled players that use underdeveloped CSGO ranked accounts to get an unfair advantage.

CS:GO Ranking System - FAQ

Can unranked play with silver ranks?

Yes, when you completed 10 placement matches, you are able to play with silver ranked players.

On which level do you get a service medal in CS:GO?

After reaching the 40th experience level, you get the service medal.

Does getting kicked in CSGO affect your rank?

It depends. If your teammates kicked you and won a game afterwards, you get the win as well, but if they lost - you also lose. So, it can affect your rank in both ways.

How does CS:GO ranking work?

If you win the competetive CS:GO matches your rank will be increased. But if you lose - you rank will be decreased. To calibrate your current rank, you might need to play a few matches.

How do you rank up in CS GO?

To rank up in CS:GO you need to win competitive matches.

How many ranks are in CSGO?

There are 18 CSGO comp ranks (CSGO MMR) - Match Making Rank. And there are 40 experience levels, as well.

What is ELO in CSGO?

CSGO ELO, it’s your current CS:GO rank.

What is Global Elite in CS:GO?

Global elite is the highest rank in CS:GO.

Don’t be a smurf. That feeling of superiority is always spoiled by internal understanding of the reasons for it. This is not the same as winning because of your excellent skills, developed with practice and honestly get your ranks CS GO from lowest to highest.

CS:GO Ranking System has lots of practical uses, but still, it is also full of emotions and gives players an additional reason to rejoice at their in-game progress.

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