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15 Most Expensive Items On Steam

In the early 2000s, video game developers started implementing skins and cosmetic items as features into their games. These became a huge hit with the players and have since become the staple of modern video games. Trading and selling skins have exploded in recent years and, over time, some items have become very rare which leads to them selling at ridiculous prices.

Today we will be looking at the 15 Most Expensive Items on Steam, divided into three categories: CS:GO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2 items.

5 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been around since 2012 and is one of the first games that implemented cosmetic skins as a feature. Needless to say, the gaming community loved them and over the years, many different skins have been added to CS:GO. Some of these skins are common and inexpensive, but others can be very rare and may fetch a pretty penny on the marketplace. Let’s take a look at the 5 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins.

1. Souvenir AUG | Contractor (Factory New)

Souvenir AUG | Contractor
  • Flavor Text: Rona Sabri still hasn’t forgiven Sebastien for not selecting her to go after Turner
  • Exterior: Factory New (FN)
  • Quality: Consumer Grade
  • Starting Price: $1800
  • Collection: The Italy Collection
  • Similar Skin: AUG | Contractor

This particular skin was added to CS:GO in November 2013 and at the time of writing, it is the most expensive CS:GO skin on the market. The skin itself beautifully combines black and dark green as a solid color finish, but that is not why this item is so expensive. The Souvenir version of the Contractor skin was a part of the Italy collection which was dropped during the Grand Final match that was played by Virtus. Pro versus Ninjas in Pyjamas. It is extremely rare so the price of it is likely to only go up as time passes.

2. ★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Autotronic (Factory-New)

StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Autotronic

Coming in second is the StatTrak M9 Bayonet | Autotronic skin and while it is being sold at the same price as the Souvenir Aug Contractor skin, it is not as rare which is the reason why it is second on the list. This knife skin was added to the game in June 2016 and it is simply gorgeous. Combining steel silver, navy black and blood red colors in its design, it is definitely an item worth bragging about. It also possesses the technology to track the number of enemies that you dispatch with it over time.

While these are the most expensive skins on the market at the time of writing, they are extremely rare, but other cool CS:GO skins are traded every day.

3. ★ StatTrak™ Skeleton Knife | Case Hardened (Battle-Scarred)

StatTrak™ Skeleton Knife | Case Hardened

Coming in at number three is another knife skin that was added to the game during November 2019 and while it is priced the same as our previous two entries, it is more common than both of them. The Skeleton Knife is not what you would typically think when you are picturing a combat knife which makes that skin all the more unique. Containing an array of various shades of blue, purple, and red combined with the rusty and damaged patina of battle scarred items, this knife is one of the strangest yet most unique skins available in the game. Being able to track kills as well is just icing on the cake. No wonder the price is so high.

4. M4A4 | Howl (Field-Tested)

M4A4 | Howl
  • Exterior: Field-Tested (FS)
  • Quality: Contraband
  • Starting Price: $1800
  • Similar Skin: M4A4 | Howl

Yet another skin with the same price tag as all of the others, however, this one has an interesting story behind it. When this skin was introduced to the game in May 2014, an issue arose due to art theft regarding the design of the skin. Since then, the skin was givena Contraband tag and has been updated in the game, and this version of the skin has been removed from all cases which makes it only available through trading and selling. The skin design itself features a black base with red details and an image of a snarling wolf on it.

5. ★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Lore (Factory-New)

StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Lore

Our final skin on this list is the M9 Bayonet Lore skin. This skin was implemented in the game during June 2016 and in its minimal wear exterior, it is going for just $5 shy of $1800. The knife itself is quite pleasing to the eye with its dark green handle and golden yellow blade. It features knotted engravings on the knife’s edge which makes it even more gorgeous. This particular one comes with StatTrak technology which allows it to keep count of enemies vanquished with it.

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5 Most Expensive DOTA 2 Items

Dota 2 was also one of the first games to adopt skins and cosmetic items as a feature, though slightly later than CS:GO and just like in CS:GO, some items can fetch a good price on the market so let’s find out which ones can.

1. Autographed Sizzling Charge

Autographed Sizzling Charge dota 2

The Bundle Contains:

  • Armor of Sizzling Charge
  • Hat of Sizzling Charge
  • Pauldrons of Sizzling Charge
  • Sizzling Charge Loading Screen

The single most expensive item currently available for Dota 2 is the Autographed Sizzling Charge set. Created by Spudnik and added to the game in May 2015, this set was designed for a hero called Storm Spirit. The bundle contains 4 items but what makes it so expensive is the fact that it was autographed by Vladimir Kuzminov, aka Maelstrom, during the 2015 International. This is why the item is currently selling for $1853,37.

2. Expired Buttercup

Expired Buttercup dota 2
  • Rarity: Mythical
  • Slot: Mount
  • Used by: Chen

The second spot belongs to one of the Dota 2 mounts called Expired Buttercup. This mount was added to the game in March 2013 and it was designed for Chen. The mount is obtainable from a loot box called the Treasure of Rarities and currently sells for $1759.69 just like the previous entry.

3. Frozen Mega-Kills: Clockwerk

Frozen Mega-Kills: Clockwerk dota 2
  • Rarity: Mythical
  • Slot: Mega-Kill Announcer
  • Used by: Clockwerk

Coming in at number three is not an item but rather an announcer pack. Those who are familiar with Dota 2, know that during every game, an announcer will shout out important moments of the game. This item will replace the voice of the default Mega- Kill announcement with one by Clockwerk. The item was added to the game in April 2014 and currently fetches $1759.69.

4. Cursed Frostiron Raider Fist

Cursed Frostiron Raider Fist dota 2
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Slot: Left Arm
  • Used by: Tusk

Frostiron Raider Set Contains:

  • Frostiron Raider Tusks
  • Frostiron Raider Fist
  • Frostiron Raider Axe
  • Frostiron Raider Helm
  • Frostiron Raider Shield
  • Frostiron Raider Wrap

The Frostiron Raider Fist which is a fist slot item for a hero called Tusk. The fist itself is a part of a Frostiron Raider Set which contains six individual items. It was added to the game in June 2013 and looks like an iron glove with a huge mace at the tip of it. Currently, it is selling for $1692.50.

5. Autographed Wraps of the Winterbringer

Autographed Wraps of the Winterbringer dota 2

The Bundle Contains:

  • Cape of the Winterbringer
  • Sleeves of the Winterbringer
  • Staff of the Winterbringer
  • Shawl of the Winterbringer
  • Style of the Winterbringer
  • Winterbringer Loading Screen

Our final Dota 2 item is a set bundle, the Autographed Wraps of the Winterbringer. This entire set is for Crystal Maiden and was added to the game in May 2015. The bundle contains six pieces and the reason it is so expensive is due to it being autographed by Jorien van der Heijden, aka Sheever. The item is currently selling for $1511.17.

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5 Most Expensive Team Fortress 2 Skins

Team Fortress 2 introduced skins as a feature earlier than both Dota 2 and CS:GO and due to the wacky aesthetics of the game, it has bred some of the craziest skin designs imaginable and so some of those sell for a lot.

1. Strange Cardboard Boxed Panic Attack (Field-Tested)

Strange Cardboard Boxed Panic Attack tf2
  • Mercenary Grade Shotgun (Field-Tested)
  • Strange Stat Clock Attached
  • Kills: 0
  • +50% bullets per shot
  • This weapon deploys 50% faster
  • Fires a wide, fixed shot pattern
  • -20% damage penalty
  • Successive shots become less accurate

Cardboard Boxed Panic Attack is the first item on our list and it is essentially a shotgun that looks like it was made out of cardboard. This item was put in the game during December 2014 and can be used by Engineer, Soldier, Pyro, and Heavy. It was a part of the Infernal Reward Collection and currently sells for $1800.

2. Killstreak Hazard Warning Stickybomb Launcher (Field-Tested)

Killstreak Hazard Warning Stickybomb Launcher tf2
  • Mercenary Grade Stickybomb Launcher (Field-Tested)
  • Killstreaks Active
  • Alt-Fire: Detonate all stickybombs

For our second spot, we have the Hazard Warning Stickybomb Launcher which was introduced to the game in 2017 as a part of the Winter 2017 Collection. The appearance of the item is the same as the regular Stickybomb Launcher but wrapped in “Do Not Cross” tape. It is usable by Demoman in their secondary slot and sells for $1800.

3. Festivized Nutcracker Wrench (Factory New)

Festivized Nutcracker Wrench tf2
  • Civilian Grade Wrench (Factory New)
  • Festivized
  • Upgrades, repairs, and speeds up construction of friendly buildings on hit

Our third spot belongs to the Festivized Nutcracker Wrench which can do damage as well as construct and repair buildings upon hitting them. The item is usable only by Engineers and goes into the melee slot. This particular skin is basically a jollied up version of the normal wrench and currently sells for $1748.86.

4. Killstreak Civic Duty Mk.II Powerjack (Field-Tested)

Killstreak Civic Duty Mk.II Powerjack tf2
  • Civilian Grade Sledgehammer (Field-Tested)
  • Killstreaks Active
  • +15% faster move speed on wearer
  • +25 health restored on kill
  • 20% damage vulnerability on wearer

Coming in at number four we have the Civic Duty Killstreak Mk.II Powerjack which is a civilian grade sledgehammer. This item was added to the game in September 2010 and can be used by Pyro in his melee slot. At the time of writing, the item is currently selling for $1720.09.

5. Specialized Killstreak Horror Holiday Black Box (Field-Tested)

Autographed Wraps of the Winterbringer tf2
  • Mercenary Grade Rocket Launcher (Field-Tested)
  • Killstreaks Active
  • On Hit: Gain up to +20 health per attack
  • Sheen: Hot Rod
  • -25% clip size

The fifth Team Fortress 2 item is none other than Horror Holiday Black Box which was added to the game way back in September 2010. The item is used in a primary slot by Soldier and is basically a gift-wrapped grenade launcher. One thing is for sure, those who find themselves at the business end of this weapon won’t have happy holidays. The item is selling for $1692.50.

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This concludes our Top 15 Most Expensive Items for CS:GO, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, so if you have any of these items, you might want to keep them on you since the prices of them are likely to rise. Alternatively, you can just sell them for some quick cash. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more interesting articles about these games.

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