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Rust Skins Best Sellers in 2021

Rust is a multiplayer survival game where players are required to gather supplies and create various items in order to survive all of the constantly lurking threats of the world around them. Each of those items is customizable and therefore, there are many skins and cosmetic items which players can use in order to express themselves and stick out from the crowd.

As it is usually the case, not all items are equal in terms of rarity or value, so naturally, some of them are more popular than others among players, and therefore, a lot more sought after, so let’s take a look at some of our Rust Skins Bestsellers for the year 2021. Besides, all of these skins you can buy on DMarket.

1. Whiteout Hoodie

Whiteout Hoodie Rust
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $1.83

The Whiteout Hoodie is a clothing item that modifies the regular hoodie and changes its appearance by adding a few accessories such as pockets and zippers as well as completely changing the color of the hoodie to white, hence the name.

Buy Whiteout Hoodie

2. Tempered Thompson

Tempered Thompson Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $1.83

The Tempered Thompson is a weapon skin for the standard Thompson submachine gun that you can obtain in Rust. The skin itself alters the appearance of the weapon, giving it a unique color pattern by tempering the various parts of it by using charcoal.

Buy Tempered Thompson

3. Blackout Chestplate

Blackout Chestplate Rust
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $2.16

The Blackout Chestplate is a skin for the standard Metal Chest Plate item which is a very commonly used armor when it comes to the Rust end-game raiding and roaming. The skin itself alters the appearance of the armor, turning it completely black.

Buy Blackout Chestplate

When venturing into the dangerous world of Rust, it is always a good idea to go out into the wilderness prepared and expect the unexpected, because who knows when a new threat will emerge and what you will have to do in order to overcome it, especially if you are a new player. To avoid an undesired outcome, we recommend that you take a look at our Rust guide for beginners.

4. Comics MP5

Comics MP5 Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $2.59

The MP5 is a craftable submachine gun that can hold 30 rounds capable of doing moderate damage and having one of the widest bullet spreads in the game which makes it effective only in close-range combat. This skin makes it look like a page from a comic book, giving it a white background with onomatopoeic words written on it in black ink.

Buy Comics MP5

5. Whiteout Facemask

Whiteout Facemask Rust
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $1.71

The Whiteout Facemask is a skin for the metal facemask which is one of the highest tier pieces of head armor that a player can acquire. While the face mask will protect the player from almost all types of physical damage, it will somewhat lower the player’s cold protection. The Whiteout skin will alter the mask and turn it completely white matching well with the Whiteout Chestplate.

Buy Whiteout Facemask

6. Whiteout Pants

Whiteout Pants Rust
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $1.80

The Whiteout Pants can be applied to the pants item, which is the best clothing piece for the legs. The end result of this would be a completely white pair of pants that goes together well with the Whiteout Hoodie.

Buy Whiteout Pants

7. Neon Gun Storage

Neon Gun Storage Rust
  • Category: Chest

  • Starting Price: $2.79

The Neon Gun Storage is a skin for the Large Wood Box item which is one of the most convenient ways for players to store their items and other belongings. The box can hold 30 separate items or stacks of items and can have locks and code locks placed on it.

Buy Neon Gun Storage Skins and cosmetic items have always been a huge part of the Rust experience, and there are many of them to choose from. Fortunately, there are simple ways to obtain your desired skins, as well as getting rid of the ones you don’t want. Regardless of whether you are looking to buy, trade or even sell Rust skins, DMarket will provide you with a quick and easy way to do it all.

8. Blackout Facemask

Blackout Facemask Rust
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $3.56

The Blackout Facemask is another skin for the commonly used high-tier head armor piece, the Metal Facemask. The Blackout Facemask skin will change the color of the Metal Facemask, turning it completely black which goes well when combined with the Blackout Chestplate.

Buy Blackout Facemask

9. Whiteout Kilt

Whiteout Kilt Rust
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $2.73

The Road Sign Kilt is used on both mid and end-game leg armor and is very commonly used by players and is one of the best armor pieces for that slot, only surpassed by the Heavy Plate Pants in terms of stats. However, they are rarely used due to their movement penalty, making the Road Sign Kilt a lot more sought after. The Whiteout Kilt skin will turn your Road Sign Kilt completely white, giving it a much more premium and stylish appearance.

Buy Whiteout Kilt

10. Troll Daddy Chest Plate

Troll Daddy Chest Plate Rust
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $0,42

The Troll Daddy Chest Plate that providing it with a rainbow collared shoulder strap as well as a custom purple paint job that has “HA HA HA” scribbled all over it. Furthermore, the Troll Daddy Chest Plate features a large skull with various decals.

Buy Troll Daddy Chest Plate If you are looking for cool skins but are not looking to break the bank, we have got you covered. Simply check out our best cheap Rust skins and see if you can find anything that you like.

11. Whiteout Chestplate

Whiteout Chestplate Rust
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $1.72

The Whiteout Chestplate is a skin for the Metal Chest Plate, an extremely commonly used end-game piece of armor that changes the armor appearance to completely white.

Buy Whiteout Chestplate

12. Bombing Kilt

Bombing Kilt Rust
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $0.31

The Bombing Kilt is the second skin entry on our list for the Road Sign Kilt armor piece, which we already stated is one of the best leg armors in the game. The skin itself alters the appearance of the kilt by painting its base black and spraying with various phrases and imagery in different colors, giving it a graffiti look.

Buy Bombing Kilt

13. Cold Hunter Thompson

Cold Hunter Thompson Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $2.06

The Cold Hunter Thompson is the second skin entry for the Thompson submachine gun that changes the appearance of this classic weapon, making the weapon look like it has been completely frozen, and covered with a thick layer of ice.

Buy Cold Hunter Thompson The Rust world is a harsh and dangerous environment filled with numerous threats that you will need to overcome, but fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Since Rust is a multiplayer game, there are many other survivalists out there, and it is easy to find out how many people play Rust by checking out our article on the topic.

14. Black Boots

Black Boots Rust
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $0.45

The Black Boots are commonly used by players who are often forced to choose between them due to limited clothing slots. Aside from offering protection, there is nothing unique about them. The Black Boots skin changes to utterly black with gray accents.

Buy Black Boots

15. Small Box from Hell

Small Box from Hell Rust
  • Category: Chest

  • Starting Price: $1.60

The Small Box from Hell is a skin item for the Wood Storage Box that gives it a unique appearance of the wood on it being charred with a huge pentagram and various other symbols burned into it.

Buy Small Box from Hell We hope you have enjoyed going through our list of some of the best selling Rust skins of 2021 and found a few of these items to your liking. Be sure to check out our CS:GO Best Sellers, TF2 Best Sellers and Dota 2 Best Sellers too.

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