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How Many People Play Rust (2024 Stats)

It’s easy to get addicted to Rust — certainly, in a good way. The game is so good! And the more you play it, the more interesting it becomes. Your skills improve gradually, and as you start to understand the whole adventure better, you discover some not-so-obvious mechanics, and actually become part of the community.

Yep, Rust is a multiplayer game, and therefore it’s a social experience. The number of Rust players determines the level of fun on the virtual maps, especially for the experienced survivalists. So, how many people play Rust? DMarket knows the answer!

But before delving into the Steam statistics, let us remind you guys of another significant aspect of social experience in multiplayer games — other players get impressions about you on the basis of your skills and your in-game appearance. And your appearance here is that thing they see first. That’s why most players pay so much attention to their character and weapon skins. Make a good impression! Buy Rust skins on DMarket!

Rust Active Players

Rust is a challenging game (some would call it even cruel). You appear in a wild virtual environment and try to survive there. Other players often see you as a source of useful resources. Someone attacks immediately, trying to get everything you have right now. Others prefer giving you time to develop — they attack later, when your inventory has something really valuable.

This PvP element is… fascinating. A player gets destroyed in their first attempt, and this creates a desire to return, to make everything better, and to avenge those fools who decided to mess with such a great gamer.

This desire to get better in this Rust survival adventure is pretty powerful. It motivates players to stay in the game. And the internal mechanics make every new attempt even more interesting as the game opens its impressive depth.

These aspects explain why the active player base for Rust is stable and even increasing. Steam statistics prove that the game is worth giving it a shot. Try out Rust to know whether it’s your type of gaming entertainment. Our Rust beginners guide will help you to make the first steps and avoid some bitter mistakes.

Numbers of Rust Players for the Last Year

Peak Months for Rust’s Popularity

Rust was released for PC in February 2018 after being in early access since 2013. The game started with 22 571 peak players in its first early access month, and then it shot up to 68 204 after its first month of proper release. Since then, the situation has continued improving.

Here are the top months of the last 5 years when the game reached its peak number of players:

  • July 2023 - 182 335
  • June 2022 - 165 120
  • January 2021 - 244 394
  • April 2020 - 125 415
  • July 2019 - 93 595

Meanwhile, why not expand your knowledge of other aspects of Rust? For example, we have a post with the best cheap Rust skins and with the best selling Rust skins. You’ll find there a nice selection of items to emphasize your style for a reasonable price.

DMarket provides similar statistics about other games:

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Having all these top months is quite promising for the game and its community. DMarket will continue checking out how many people are playing Rust, and we will update this article with fresh info — stay tuned to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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