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How to Play Rust | Powerful Rust Tips and Tricks

The world of Rust is dangerous and even brutal. Only the strongest and the most skilled survive and succeed here. Your first steps are crucial to progress on a server, to gain general experience in this game, and even just to enjoy your playing hours. Our guide to how to play Rust will show you the direction for those first steps, a path to avoid bitter mistakes and how to get the max fun from the very start.

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Choose Your Rust Server Wisely

RUST game

The most obvious choice here might be entering a server with the biggest number of players. On the one hand, it’s totally a good decision - you’ll have a lot of interaction with other guys and therefore a super busy adventure.

On the other hand though, this is a choice of advanced players who already know what to do. In our Rust beginners guide, we would recommend that beginners do the opposite and look for the emptiest server possible. Less people in the Rust virtuality means you avoid aggressive attacks and have a calm space to gather resources and build your safe base.

Having many people on a server also means the risk of facing big organized gangs that will totally destroy you - although this can also happen later when they can loot more from you.

Another aspect is time of existence for your server. The younger the world is, the less developed your potential internal foes are.

Gather Resources During the Daytime and Avoid Attention

If you start playing and find yourself entering the server at nighttime, it would be better to exit and return in 10-15 minutes (or select another server). Nights in Rust are especially dangerous and disorienting. Beginners (and not only them) should start their activity in the morning and meet their first night a bit more prepared.

Two basic resources in the game are wood and stone. You start with a rock in your virtual hands - use it on trees and stones to start filling your inventory. Cut any tree but look for special stones with a shiny dot.

RUST resources

Clever Rust tips will not recommend you getting as much resources as possible. It’s dangerous! You risk attracting the attention of looters who would consider you a promising victim and won’t leave you alone.

Act accurately. Observe the location. Change your gathering sources often. And avoid open spaces.

Build Your Safe Base As Soon As Possible

Get enough resources to make the Building Plan (20 wood) and the Hummer (100 wood).

The Building Plan allows you to place your first construction, made of twigs. The Hummer is needed to upgrade your building to wood and stone. These things are absolutely essential for Rust survival!

You will need more resources to make your base safer - but first you need a place to hide and keep your gathered stuff.

Find a Nice Place for Your Base

RUST base

You should consider different factors in this process. First of all, how notable the building will be. Avoiding unnecessary contacts is the best way when getting started in Rust. A harsh climate will add additional difficulties, such as the necessity to keep your guy warm, but hard-to-reach places are usually better to be hidden from unwelcome guests.

With gaining game experience, you may prefer settling near the roads. They are sources of barrels and crates, but they are also attractive points to other players.

Get the Sleeping Bag to Spawn in a Safe Place

Another resource you need in the game is cloth. It’s the next most important material after wood and stone.

Craft Good Tools to Collect Resources Faster

Stone Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe are tools you really need in this game. Our Rust beginners guide would not be full without emphasizing the significance of these things!

  • Hatchet helps you get wood faster. It’s a good tool for looting animals and not-that-successful players.

  • Pickaxe is used for stone first, and then it allows you to obtain metal and sulfur ore.

Add New Levels of Protection to the Base

RUST tools

Don’t stop making the walls of your building better - you need a nice stone base. Coin unusual safety measures, such as deadly spikes on the roof to scare campers.

Also, we recommend in our Rust beginners guide to get:

  • Tool Cupboard - for keeping your tools and resources better protected;
  • Two Key Locks - one for the door and one for your Tool Cupboard. You don’t need keys! The game knows who the owner is, so you will get access to your stuff with no risk that your foes might obtain your keys.

Craft Weapons to Survive and Hunt

RUST weapons

Rust is a brutal game. Players hunt each other to kill and loot. However silent and careful you are, it would be better to be prepared for aggressiveness.

  • Wooden Spear is the first weapon you need. Be careful when throwing it - the victims can run away with it or throw it back.

  • Hunting Bow is much more effective but asks for more resources (even for arrows). It’s perfect for shooting from a distance, which is the best way to hunt in Rust for beginners.

  • Bone Knife is the best weapon to chop dead bodies. Craft it after hunting down your first animals.

Loot Barrels and Crates

These objects will give you precious resources. It’s dangerous to go for them, and you need both weapons and experience to do so. But brave players will be rewarded!

Look for Barrels and Crates near the roads and ocean. Try to be patient before running close to them - to check if there is an ambush. The experience level of looting Barrels and Crates might be good for looting other players who do the same. In this Rust beginner guide, we don’t cover the topic of attacking others - if you feel like doing this, you’ll find the way to succeed here. It is still better for beginners to start with defensive tactics and explore an offensive style only after getting the basic experience.

Be a Brave Explorer


Once your basic needs are covered, don’t hesitate to move to other activities. Start exploring the location and be ready to discover new things in the game.

Monuments give you interesting puzzles, and that’s a lot of adventures. Look for them, and check out what you can do there - this topic is a bit beyond how to get started in Rust, but your developed skills should be enough to take this risk.

Combine exploration with resource gathering. Be ready to battle, start diplomatic communication, hunt, or get into unpredictable troubles. You explore the game, not just the virtual location.

Trust No-one but Try to Make Friends

This part of our Rust tips and tricks may seem to be controversial, but it’s rather a glimpse into the deep nature of this game. First of all, many people will try to loot you here. Some of them will pretend to be your ally and then get access to your base, tools, and resources. And you definitely should understand this type of interaction in the Rust community. Trust no-one!

But then, you can’t progress in the game further than the beginner level if you don’t start social activity. You need to become part of a gang to be more effective and survive in fights against other players forming their gangs. It’s not a quick or easy process. But your effort may eventually become rewarding - after some inevitable fails.

The best way to form your crew is to invite friends to Rust. If you are strong, you will be able to attract other players, and then start together on new servers. Check out the Rust player count - the game is pretty popular, so you definitely have a chance to find companions.

Let us finish with a positive note - relax and have fun. Yes, the game can be stressful and even frustrating, but don’t allow these emotions to crawl into your heart. Have fun and take all the difficulties as another boost to your internal development.

In fact, being not-that-serious about Rust is a very good way to get better at this game much faster. We, human beings, are often more effective when we enjoy what we are doing.

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