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The Best Cheap Rust Skins

Rust was initially released back in February 2018. Tackling the unforgiving wilderness of the world of Rust is not by any means an easy task. As a Steam game, the game offers players a plethora of different skins and cosmetic items for everything from guns and clothing to boxes, tools, and furniture and the option to craft their own skins and add them to the game. This means that there is an entire economy revolving around buying, selling, and trading Rust skins. However, the restrictions that come with using the official Steam market may not be favorable to everyone, so there are alternative trading websites available such as DMarket, where you can find really cheap Rust skins.

The best cheap Rust skins

You can buy Rust skins in two different ways:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Because gamers want to trade without fees and easily withdraw money from their accounts (Steam does not provide such an opportunity).

1. Rainbow Pony Hatchet

Rainbow Pony Hatchet Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $2.68

The Rainbow Pony Hatchet looks like what you’d get if you cross a small hatchet with a unicorn, and while it sounds strange, once you see it, we guarantee that you can’t unsee it. The hatchet appears to be decorated with an image of a pink unicorn exhaling a rainbow, contrasted by a sturdy leather strap wrapped around its handle. A testimony that one can be strong and gentle at the same time. For only three dollars, you too can bring some color into the dreary world of Rust.

Buy Rainbow Pony Hatchet

2. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $0.79

The Dreamcatcher bolt action rifle skin is about as basic as you can get. When it comes to Rust, you will likely come across this skin quite a few times as it is considered to be one of the cheapest Rust skins out there. However, just because it is cheap, doesn’t mean it isn’t cool. The Dreamcatcher is made of worn-out wood and metal that is held in one piece by string, nails, and rags which all together give it a cool, worn-out look of a gun that has served its owner many times in the past, and it only costs around a dollar.

Buy Dreamcatcher

3. Native Hunting Bow

Native Hunting Bow Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $0.92

This skin will turn your ordinary bow into a work of art. The Native Hunting Bow skin changes your standard bow into a recurve bow carefully decorated with the warpaint of the natives that have faded due to extensive use and exposure to the environment. However, the native symbols that were hand-carved into the wood have remained untouched. This bow, rich with history, is truly a weapon meant to serve a survivor of the wilderness and it also costs only around a single dollar.

Buy Native Hunting Bow

4. Zap Slasher

Zap Slasher Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $2.86

The Zap Slasher is a sword that looks like it has the power of lighting imbued within it, and if you don’t think that’s cool, we don’t know what is. By holding this sword you will look like, and probably feel like, the God of thunder himself, or at least a cartoon version of him. So smite your foes with it while looking great at the same time. All at the expense of around three dollars.

Buy Zap Slasher

5. Ghost Bolt Rifle

Ghost Bolt Rifle Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $2.10

The Ghost Bolt Rifle has a very simplistic yet appealing design and while it is not the sleekest, it is definitely a cool-looking rifle that you can get on the cheap. Made from sun bleached driftwood, painted by hand and wrapped in bandages to hold it all together, the gun itself sure looks like it has seen its fair share of use. All in all, this bolt action rifle will fit anyone looking to blend in with the tundra landscapes and might just be the skin you are looking for if you desire a clean look for only a couple of dollars.

Buy Ghost Bolt Rifle

6. Creepy Bandana

Creepy Bandana Rust
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting price: $2.49

The creepy bandana is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a black bandana that goes over the wearer’s face with a print of a creepy grin exposing sharp teeth complete with an eerie green glow around them. Wearing this will make you look like something that came out of a horror movie, however, be careful as it might not be enough to scare off other survivors looking to steal your stuff.

Buy Creepy Bandana

7. Lost Treasure Rock

Lost Treasure Rock Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $1.43

Ordinary things are usually boring and so, well, ordinary, but ordinary things with ordinary skins are even worse, and it doesn’t get much more boring or ordinary than a simple rock. While the rock is an essential part of every survivor’s starter kit, it is extremely plain and dull so why not transform it with the Lost Treasure Rock skin and make it look like a million dollars, all for the price of just one.

Buy Lost Treasure Rock

8. Emerald Relic Hatchet

Emerald Relic Hatchet Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $3.13

If you ever wanted to show off how rich you are and add some bling to one of your everyday mundane items, then believe us when we say that we have the right skin for you, for a cheap price of course. The Emerald Relic Hatchet contains a handle made of pure gold as well as an emerald edge that is both beautiful (for flexing your riches to your friends) and sturdy (for chopping down trees and fighting off enemies).

Buy Emerald Relic Hatchet

9. Building Block Hammer

Building Block Hammer Rust
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting price: $1.54

Have you ever played with building blocks as a child and made different tools out of them such as hammers? Well if you have, the Building Block Hammer skin will bring back many memories and make you feel nostalgic. Not feeling the nostalgia? Still, how cool is it that you can do it in Rust? Fortunately, unlike the building block hammers that some of us made as kids, the one in Rust doesn’t break apart as easily when you hit something with it. It’s colorful, it’s fun and it only costs around two dollars.

Buy Building Block Hammer

10. Rotten Scalp

Rotten Scalp Rust
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting price: $1.45

The Rotten Scalp balaclava skin will make your character look like a walking, rotting zombie that has had a lobotomy at some point in the past and while we all know that zombies are cool, this balaclava takes the zombie look to the next level. With different hues of green and brown, and a forehead full of stitches, you will look at the very least as scary and intimidating as the very creatures you are fighting against all for the cost of just three dollars.

Buy Rotten Scalp

This was our list with the best cheap Rust items. If you don’t have enough money to buy items that you really like, you can always sell rust skins immediately! And don’t forget to take a look at our best selling Rust skins in 2021!

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