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The Best Rust Skins You Should Buy in 2022

The Best Rust Skins You Should Buy in 2022

Over the last couple of years, Rust has become one of the most popular video games on Steam, and considering the fact that it is coming to consoles relatively soon, the Rust player-base will continue to grow. While the survival gameplay elements and the human factor are definitely major reasons for its success, another part is definitely due to the amount of customization options that the game provides. Since there are so many skins to choose from, we have decided to take a look at fifteen of the best Rust skins that you can get, so let’s dive right into it.

The Best Rust Skins

You can buy Rust skins in two different ways:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Because gamers want to trade without fees and easily withdraw money from their accounts (Steam does not provide such an opportunity).

1. Tempered AK47

Tempered AK47
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $25.19

The Tempered AK47 is an assault rifle skin that will give your standard assault rifle a brand new look. Think tempered metal and some much-appreciated flare within the gloomy world of Rust, all thanks to the different colors that can now shine in all their glory within the gloomy world of Rust.

2. Doodle Pants

Doodle Pants
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $3.27

Imagine that you are stuck in a world that is rapidly being overtaken by zombies, the supplies are scarce and you are one of the few survivors who are trying their best to survive. What do you do when you have some time off from fighting off hordes of zombies and trying to stay alive? Well apparently, drawing on your pants with a sharpy is a good way to pass the time, and the Doodle Pants look as though they are a testimony to that fact.

3. Retrowave AR

Retrowave AR
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $5.12

In the world of Rust, long gone are the days of partying and normal everyday life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fondly remember the good old days when you could enjoy an occasional rave party or two, and the Retrowave AR skin will help you do just with its colorful psychedelic look.

4. Azul Python

Azul Python
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $2.37

Azul Python will transform your standard python revolver into a work of art. The black metal polish with its detailed blue pinstripe job is sure to show off just how proud you are of owning a gun with the reputation of the revolver.

Since Rust is coming to consoles relatively soon and is currently in testing phases, it makes for an excellent opportunity for new players to start playing the game or for returning veterans to come back and embrace the world of Rust once again. Joining the world of Rust has never been easier, and if you want to learn how, check out our How To Play Rust article.

5. Retrowave Bow

Retrowave Bow
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $4.49

The hunting bow is as basic as a ranged weapon can be, and while it is extremely useful when hunting for food, or defending yourself from various threats and creatures that you may encounter, you would have to agree that it looks just as basic as it actually is. However, you can change that with the Retrowave Bow skin and add some color to it to make it look more interesting and fashionable at least.

6. Gingerbread SAR

Gingerbread SAR
  • Category: Weapon

  • Starting Price: $1.75

The Gingerbread SAR is a skin for the semi-automatic rifle and it will turn your rusty old rifle into a holiday delight made of licorice, gingerbread, and all sorts of other tasty treats. Warning: while it may look delicious, it is not fit for human consumption. Use for defense and offense only, not as an emergency food supply.

7. Winter Hoodie

Winter Hoodie
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $3.22

The world of Rust can become very cold, especially at night, so why not at least look prepared by transforming your regular hoodie into a warm and comfortable Winter Hoodie, fit for the freezing nights and other harsh weather conditions.

8. Bombing Facemask

Bombing Facemask
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $2.63

The Bombing Facemask is a skin for the metal facemask that looks as though a rebellious graffiti artist got their hands on it, or somebody used it during multiple paintball matches. Whatever the case, it looks awesome, especially when compared to the standard rusty metal facemask.

Rust is one of the few video games that has a thriving skin economy, and many people have been able to turn skin trading from a fun hobby into a serious business and are able to turn around huge profits through skin trading. To learn everything you should know about buying, selling, and trading Rust skins, as well as how and where to trade them, head on over to our Rust Skins Trading Guide.

9. Raptor Facemask

Raptor Facemask
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $1.19

This facemask looks like it has been created using various dinosaur parts and no doubt gives the wearer a threatening look. The Raptor Facemask is truly an item that asserts your dominance over this species.

10. Eat Me Chestplate

Eat Me Chestplate
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $3.06

Have you ever wanted your character to look like it came from Candyland? Well, now you can with the Eat Me Chestplate skin. While it is debatable whether the skin will make you feel protected, it will definitely make you look delicious, just don’t go nibbling on it yourself.

11. Farmer Straw Hat

Farmer Straw Hat
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $2.15

When trying to survive in the harsh conditions of the world of Rust, a steady supply of food is a must, and planting and harvesting crops are generally considered a good option. So, why not look the part, as well as get some useful sun protection with the Farmer Straw Hat.

12. Cardboard Kilt

Cardboard Kilt
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $3.33

Staying safe in a dangerous world such as the one found in Rust should be a top priority, and protecting all parts of your body including the lower ones is of extreme importance, however, we are not sure that cardboard is the best material for it, but it’s better than nothing, and will definitely make your armor look unique. Also, you can always blend into some debris around you.

Rust has many different cosmetic items for players to choose from, however, not all items are the same in both terms of looks and value. The way it usually is, the cooler and rarer a skin, the more expensive it is. Fortunately, that is not always the case, and you can still make your character look cool and not break the bank. If you want to find out how then check out our article on the Best 10 Cheap Skins in Rust.

13. Dragon Mask

Dragon Mask
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $7.01

From raptors to dragons, it would appear that we are moving up the food chain, sadly this is not the case as the Dragon Mask is not made from any dragon parts, but in fact, it only has the appearance of that legendary creature. Nevertheless, it is still a very unique item that you can obtain to make your character that much cooler.

14. Glowing Metal Pumpkin Mask

Glowing Metal Pumpkin Mask
  • Category: Armor

  • Starting Price: $2.52

Yet another metal facemask skin that will make you stand out from the crowd. The Glowing Metal Pumpkin Mask features a Jackolantern painted on the front side of it which glows in the dark, making it perfect for scaring other players on Halloween night or any other night for that matter.

15. Elite Forest Camo Hoodie

Elite Forest Camo Hoodie
  • Category: Clothing

  • Starting Price: $4.02

A battle avoided is a battle won, at least in the world of Rust it is, where everything and anything is out to get you, so sometimes, instead of looking cool and unique, it might be smarter to just blend in with your environment and keep a low profile. If you find yourself in a forest, the Elite Forest Camo Hoodie will help you do just that and make your character blend in like a chameleon.

This concludes our top fifteen picks for the best Rust skins, however, there are many more cool, interesting, and unique skins to discover, so check out our website and social media for more interesting Rust content. And don’t forget about the opportunity to trade Rust skins!

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