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The CS:GO Best Selling Skins in 2020

Last year included crucial changes thanks to a global pandemic and lockdown situation. Everything became online, from study to parties, but one thing was unchanged. With the need to stay at home all day our opportunities to spend time playing video games even more were increased. The skins market is not an exception. It also was affected and had new changes compared to the year 2019. You can understand the true picture by checking out our new CS:GO 2020 Market Stats, and see the most popular skins from previous years!

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CS:GO Items by Purchases

CS:GO Items by Purchases on DMarket 2020
  • Graffitis - 34.3%

  • Weapon Skins - 31.1%

  • Cases / Keys - 27.1%

  • Stickers / Capsules - 4.9%

  • Agents / Music / Others - 2.6%

The list with the most purchased items changed a lot compared to 2019. In 2020 Graffiti became the most tradable CS:GO purchase taking up 34.3% of all years deals. Weapons were also popular - 33.1%. Cases and keys get third place in our list with 27.1% of all sales. Last but not least are Stickers and Capsules - 4.9%, and Agents / Music / Others - 2.6%.

CS:GO Weapons by Purchases

CS:GO Weapons by Purchases on DMarket 2020
  • Pistols - 24.8%

  • SMG - 22.1%

  • Rifles - 21%

  • Sniper Rifles - 16%

  • Shotguns - 13.2%

  • Machine Guns - 1.6%

  • Knives - 1.3%

As one of the most popular parts for players, we divided weapon skins by purchases. Surprisingly, pistols became the most popular skins of 2020, with 24,8% of all weapons deals. So close were SMG and Rifles with 22.1% and 21%, respectively. Sniper Rifles were bought in 16% of weapon deals in 2020 and in 13.2% of deals, players bought Shotguns. Machine Guns made up 1.6% part of all deals and Knives - 1.3%.

Knives are also known as the most expensive CS:GO skins. It’s true, in some cases you have to spend over $300-400 to buy a knife. But it’s not necessary, in this article we’ve collected a list of The cheapest knives in Counter-Strike.

CS:GO Weapon Quality Rank by Purchases

CS:GO Weapon Quality Rank by Purchases on DMarket 2020
  • Field-Tested - 28.2%

  • Well-Worn - 23.7%

  • Factory New - 18.1%

  • Battle-Scarred - 16.4%

  • Minimal Wear - 13.6%

Field-Tested skins were the most popular as a tradition and made up 28.2% of all deals in 2020. The Well-Worn quality of skins got second place with 23.7%. Interestingly, Factory New skins were only bought in 18.1% of deals. Battle-Scarred and Minimal Wear skins earned last place with 16.4% and 13.6%, respectively.

There are a lot of general stats to understand about the market, but let’s look at more details about each point.

Top 5 Graffitis by Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Graffitis by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Graffitis by Turnover Start Price %
NaCl (Shark White) $0.03 11.3%
Keep the Change (Cash Green) $0.03 8.2%
Toasted (Dust Brown) $0.03 7.5%
Toasted (War Pig Pink) $0.03 6.1%
Still Happy (Dust Brown) $0.03 3.1%

Shark White graffiti NaCi was the most popular on the market in 2020, with 11.3% of all deals during the year. Keep the Change got second place of our top 5 most popular graffiti with 8.2%. Close positions next have Toasted Dust Brown and Toasted War Pig Pink with 7.5% and 6.1%. The 5th place went to Still Happy Sticker with 3.1% of all deals in 2020.

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Top 5 Stickers By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Stickers by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Stickers by Turnover Start Price %
Gold Web (Foil) $3.49 10.5%
Shattered Web $0.20 6.3%
Mastermind $0.18 5.7%
allu | Berlin 2019 $0.12 5.2%
Natus Vincere | Berlin 2019 $1.88 5.1%

Every year CS:GO stickers remain trendy in the CS:GO community, even without offline tournaments. The most popular in 2020 was the Gold Web (Foil) sticker, with 10.5% of all purchases on the market. Second-place was Shattered Web at 6.3%. Also very popular were Mastermind - 5.7%, Allu | Berlin 2019 - 5.2% and Natus Vincere | Berlin 2019 - 5.1%.

Top 5 Agents By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Agents by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Agents by Turnover Start Price %
'The Doctor' Romanov | Sabre $2.62 18.1%
Enforcer | Phoenix $0.38 12.6%
Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL $1.24 8.3%
The Elite Mr. Muhlik | Elite Crew $1.54 7.9%
Special Agent Ava | FBI $4.30 6.2%

At the end of 2019, Valve added new features to CS:GO - agents. Last year there were more than 30 agents. That’s why we can’t miss them out in our market stats article. With 18.1% of all this year’s deals, Doctor Romanov | Sabre became the most famous agent. Also in the trend was Enforce | Phoenix with 12.6% purchases. Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL got third place with 8.3%. And in 7.9%, players bought The Elite Mr. Muhlik Elite | Crew Agent. Finally, Special Agent Ava | FBI has 6.2% of deals in 2020.

Top 5 Pistols By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Pistols by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Pistols by Turnover Start Price %
Tec-9 | Groundwater $0.03 4.2%
Dual Berettas | Contractor $0.08 1.7%
Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze $0.19 0.6%
P250 | Boreal Forest $0.03 0.4%
Five-SeveN | Monkey Business $1.72 0.1%

Our top tier is opened by the most popular weapon - Pistol. There are many pistols that were purchased in 2020, which is why our leader Tec-9 | Groundwater had only 4.2% of all pistols deals in 2020. Dual Berettas | Contractor was also trendy in 2020; players bought this skin in 1.7% of cases. The third popular pistol is Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze with 0.6% of all deals. At number four on our top list is P250 | Boreal Forest - 0.4%. One of the most popular Five Seven skins, Monkey Business, only got 0.1%.

Top 5 SMG By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO SMG by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top SMG by Turnover Start Price %
P90 | Sand Spray $0.03 5.5%
MP9 | Goo $0.30 3.2%
MP7 | Army Recon $0.03 3.1%
UMP-45 | Facility Dark $0.03 2.5%
PP-Bizon | Facility Sketch $0.03 1.4%

Last year SMGs were an unusual trend, and the most popular skin was P90 | Sand Spray with 5.5% of all SMG deals. Another SMG’s skin the MP9 | Goo was bought in 3.2% cases. All of these skins are cheap, and prices start from $0.03. If you want to find the most popular MP7 skins of 2020, the Army Recon is your choice. This skin took part in 3.1% of all deals. The number four of our SMG list is UMP-45 | Facility Dark - 2.5%. Finally, we have PP-Bizon | Facility Sketch that made up 1.4% of previous purchases.

Top 5 Rifles By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Rifles by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Rifles by Turnover Start Price %
AK-47 | Uncharted $0.44 5.2%
SG 553 | Aerial $0.15 3.1%
AUG | Triqua $0.07 1.6%
M4A4 | Magnesium $0.12 0.6%
Galil AR | Sage Spray $0.03 0.3%

Traditionally, there are many rifle skins that are bought by players every year. Even the most popular skin AK-47 | Uncharted was bought in 5.2% of all deals in 2020. Second place is SG 553 | Aerial with 3.1%. AUG which has become very trendy in recent years, and the most popular skins of this weapon were Triqua in 2020 - accounting for 1.6% of all rifle deals. Other popular weapons include the M4A4 | Magnesium - 0.6%, and Galil AR | Sage Spray - 0.3%.

Sniper rifles are not as popular as pistols, but many players dream about having one of the pretty AWP or SCAR skins.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Sniper Rifles by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Sniper Rifles by Turnover Start Price %
SSG 08 | Blue Spruce $0.03 3.2%
SCAR-20 | Contractor $0.03 1.4%
G3SG1 | Desert Storm $0.03 1.1%
AWP | Capillary $0.12 0.6%
AWP | Atheris $1.70 0.3%

The top 3 positions of 2020 sniper rifles include some of the cheapest weapons. First place goes to SSG 08 | Blue Spruce with a 3.2% rifle market. Second place is SCAR-20 | Contractor with 1.4% of all sniper rifles’ deals in 2020. Another favored sniper weapon is G3SG1 | Desert Storm - 1.1%. Last but not least, is the AWP skins Capillarity - 0.6% and Atheris - 0.3%.

It’s not easy to become an excellent sniper in CS:GO, but it’s more challenging to up your rank. There are several ways to be head and shoulders above your enemies, from effective nades to weapon spray patterns. We’ve collected in one article 33 Best Tips to Become Better in CS:GO which includes many useful tips and tricks that can help you up your rank and become a real CS:GO pro.

Top 5 Shotguns By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Shotguns by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Shotguns by Turnover Start Price %
Nova | Mandrel $0.03 3.5%
Nova | Toy Soldier $0.31 2.3%
Nova | Exo $0.15 1.1%
Sawed-Off | Origami $0.16 0.5%
XM1014 | Scumbria $0.10 0.3%

It’s no surprise that the most popular shotgun weapon is Nova, with 3 skins in our top 5 list. The first number in our list is Nova | Mandel, with 3.5% of all shotguns deals in 2020. The second and third are Toy Soldier and Exo with 2.3% and 1.1%, respectively. Another favored shotgun in 2020 was Sawed-Off | Origami that was in 0.5% of all purchases. At the end of our Top 5 is XM1014 | Scumbria with 0.3% of the market in 2020.

Top 5 Machine Guns By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Machine Guns by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Machine Guns by Turnover Start Price %
Negev | Army Sheen $0.03 6.3%
Negev | Bulkhead $0.08 2.7%
Negev | Bratatat $0.54 1.5%
M249 | Spectre $0.17 0.5%
M249 | System Lock $0.20 0.3%

As the last weapon, machine guns aren’t so popular with players. It’s hard to find a fair use for these weapons, but there are many original skins so of course, they are included in our look at the 2020 market. The top 3 places in the top 5 of machine guns go to the Negev. There were 3 different skins of this weapon in 2020, Army Sheen with 6.3%, Bulkhead with 2.7% of the market, and Bratatat with 1.5%. Another favored machine gun is the M249 | Spectre that was a part of 0.5% deals in 2020. Finally, we have M249 | System Lock with 0.3% of all purchases.

Top 5 Knives By Purchases in 2020

CS:GO Knives by Purchases on DMarket 2020
Top Knives by Turnover Start Price %
Gut Knife | Stained $67.78 5.7%
Shadow Daggers | Damascus Steel $67.19 5.2%
M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web $249.20 2.6%
Karambit | Doppler $463.3 2.1%
Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened $312.74 1.6%

Knives are the most expensive items of all the CS:GO skins. The prices can reach more than $300-400 for normal skins. However, it doesn’t stop players from buying expensive knives with gold or bloody blades. You can see that the most popular knife skin was Gut Knife | Stained that was a part of 5.7% of deals. Another favored knife is Shadow Daggers | Damascus Steel, with 5.2% of the market in 2020. Both of these knives have an acceptable price. You can pay less than $100 to purchase them. But this doesn’t apply to the next 3 top positions. M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web with 2.6% of market in 2020, has a price starting at $249. Next on our list is Karambit | Doppler with 2.1% of market and a $463 starting price. Finally, Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened with 1.6% of deals and a starting price of $312.

Don’t forget that all of these prices are lower than those found on Steam by 20-30%.

We hope you enjoyed our stats of the CS:GO skins market in 2020! Everytime you trade your items you become part of the stats for the following 2021 year. If this wasn’t enough for you, we have many fascinating articles in our blog.

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