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CS:GO Agents

CS:GO Agents

For quite a long time, the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offered only default appearances of the virtual characters. They depended mostly on the map than on your choice. Everything changed with the Operation Shattered Web - the developers added skins of agents, which probably can better represent your personality in the game. So, choose an agent for the terrorist or counter-terrorist team, then equip them and start playing. Of course, your weapons will not be affected by the agents skins, so you can take to CS:GO your usual knives, pistols, and sniper rifles - in fact, whatever makes you feel like a better player. To get agents, you can purchase them on DMarket - it’s the best place to buy any CS:GO skins. Also, you can earn real money here. Sell skins CS:GO from your inventory if you prefer not to use them.

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