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Navaja Knife Skins

Navaja Knife Skins

Navaja Knife Stats

  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist / Terrorist  
  • Entity: weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife

The Navaja knife is a CS:GO cosmetic item added to the game in August 2018. It can be used for both of the CS:GO teams. The term Navaja has evolved from Spanish as a traditional folding-blade fighting and utility knife. This is a weapon with a small blade and a wooden handle. In real life, this knife is very sharp and fast. The Navaja knives refer to skins with covert qualities.

The Navaja collection includes 19 knives from the cheap safari mash to expensive fade. The peculiarity of each Navaja knife is the price. Navaja is one of the most inexpensive knives on each market category. It's why Navaja knives aren't so popular among the players. But if you want to find cheap tiger tooth or marble fade knife skin, Navaja is the best option.

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