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Ursus Knife Skins

Ursus Knife Skins

Ursus Knife Stats

  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist / Terrorist  
  • Entity: weapon_knife_ursus

This knife is big and impressive. It has no curve details (like Talon Knife has) or various mechanism (like of Stiletto), but Ursus is a straightforward and very reliable weapon. Maybe, it’s that exact thing to complement your gaming style. This knife has only one unusual animation in comparison to other CS:GO knives - in-game characters can throw the weapon slightly up to then catch it by the same hand and be ready to fight. The gameplay characteristics of Ursus Knives are the same as of the default one - but they totally change the impression of you as a CS:GO player. Boost your mood and bring the powerful spirit of Ursus into your matches! You can get such a knife from the Horizon cases, but even with a decent number of keys, no one guarantees you the success. If you really want to become a happy owner of good CS:GO skins - buy them on DMarket. Make your inventory the same brilliant as your playing skills.

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