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Butterfly Knife Skins

Butterfly Knife Skins

Butterfly Knife Stats

  • Firing mode(s): Slash Stab
  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist Terrorist
  • Entity: weapon_knife_butterfly

The Butterfly knife is a CS:GO cosmetic item that's also known as Balisong. It was added into the game in 2014 with the Operation Breakout Update. Both CT and T teams can use a Butterfly knife. The history of this unconventional item began in the Philippines as a pocketknife. The blades and handle are a unique feature of this knife, they can rotate and change position very quickly. Butterfly knives refer to skins with covert qualities.

The Butterfly is an infrequent item with little chance of being found in a drop. Since it was released in 2014, the Butterfly knife has been unique throughout the CS:GO market with Butterfly skins' prices starting from $200 for the cheapest one. There are 19 different knives in the Butterfly collection, from Vanilla to Marble Fade. Each of the Butterfly knives is an excellent acquisition for your inventory.

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