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Huntsman Knife Skins

Huntsman Knife Skins

Huntsman Knife Stats

  • Firing mode(s): Slash Stab
  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist Terrorist
  • Entity: weapon_knife_tactical

The design of Huntsman Knives is quite aggressive – thanks to the unique blade shape. When your character holds such a weapon in the hands, it seems like he gets some additional power. Imagine the reaction of teammates and opponents if you could use Huntsman Knife in CS:GO matches and demolish opponents by it. Beautiful Huntsman Knife skins make this effect even more astonishing, such as Shadow Daggers! There is no need to try your luck by opening CS:GO cases again and again – on DMarket, you can buy any knife you like! In addition, DMarket provided an opportunity to trade skins cs go. Thus, you can get the skins that you really need at any time.

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