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Stiletto Knife Skins

Stiletto Knife Skins

Stiletto Knife Stats

  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist / Terrorist  
  • Entity: weapon_knife_stiletto

This thin knife is a bit similar to a deadly fang - you just pierce your opponent with it and thus cause super significant damage, leading your CS:GO team to the victory. It’s a switchblade knife, made as the Italian weapon stiletto. In-game characters take it in the hand and open the blade almost instantly by pressing a special button. This process makes an interesting animation of Stiletto Knives, and additional difference with the blank default knife. Stiletto is a bit similar to Butterfly Knives - both have their blades hidden. Of course, mastering knives in the game is a substantial achievement, rewarded by bigger kill money. But winning matches is almost impossible only with a knife. You should have a very good primary weapon, such as AK-47 for terrorists and M4A1-S for counter-terrorists. Even if you can kill virtual opponents with a knife, the wow-effect will be not so powerful without a good knife skin. Amaze online friends by your perfect style, buy the best CS:GO skins on DMarket. If you get unwanted skins, you can always sell CS GO skins for real money on our platform.

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