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The Best CS2 Stickers (Top List Among Players)

Stickers were released in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as part of the update on February 5, 2014, adding new weapon customization and variety to the game. Plus, they are a great addition to the best CS2 skins/. Your weapon will be totally enhanced with them—more interesting, stylish, and individual.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the best CS2 stickers according to players’ selection. All of them look absolutely amazing in the game. See for yourself!

Mastermind (Holo)

AWP Fewer Dream + 4 stickers Mastermind (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $0.56

Sticker | Mastermind (Holo) is a testament to strategic genius and cunning, featuring a holographic brain encased in a complex network of circuits. This popular sticker is favored by players who pride themselves on outsmarting their opponents with superior tactics and foresight.

Buy Sticker | Mastermind (Holo)

Infinite Diamond (Holo)

M4A1-S Prinstream + 4 stickers Infinite Diamond (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $6.58

With the Infinite Diamond (Holo) sticker, you hold a piece of eternity. This holographic wonder captures the essence of timelessness with its radiant figure, designed to sparkle endlessly. Its holographic effect ensures that its brilliance is never dimmed, echoing the player’s enduring spirit and resilience in facing challenges. It’s more than a sticker; it’s a symbol of perpetual radiance in the competitive landscape of CS2.

Buy Sticker | Infinite Diamond (Holo)

Battle Scarred (Holo)

AK-47 Redline + 4 stickers Battle Scarred (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $7.28

Sticker | Battle Scarred (Holo) was added to the game on December 3, 2020 as part of the Operation Broken Fang update. It’s one of the cheapest stickers on the list, but still is an affordable option for anyone who wants to show their unique style.

Buy Sticker | Battle Scarred (Holo)

Dragon Lore (Foil)

Desert Eagle Conspiracy + 4 stickers  Dragon Lore (Foil)
  • Starting Price: $14.25

Echoing the legendary status of its namesake skin, the Dragon Lore Foil sticker is a masterpiece, featuring a majestic dragon in gleaming gold. It’s the ultimate symbol of prestige and power, coveted by those who wish to carry the aura of legend into battle. It is one of the most expensive stickers on the list, but having it in your inventory is absolutely worth it.

Buy Sticker | Dragon Lore (Foil)

Gold Web (Foil)

SG 553 Ultraviolet + 4 stickers Gold Web (Foil)
  • Starting Price: $2.69

Sticker | Gold Web (Foil) is another favored CS2 sticker among players and fans. It will be the perfect addition to any type of weapon, from pistols to machine guns.

Buy Sticker | Gold Web (Foil)

Conspiracy Club (Holo)

P250 Visions + 4 stickers Conspiracy Club (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $0.53

Sticker | Conspiracy Club (Holo) was released as part of the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule in 2022. You might not see this sticker in tournaments as often as the others, but it still looks pretty interesting and unique. In addition, the color palette allows you to add it to weapons of any type and color.

Buy Sticker | Conspiracy Club (Holo)

Broken Fang (Holo)

Galil AR Phoenix Blacklight + 4 stickers Broken Fang (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $1.21

Sticker | Broken Fang (Holo) symbolizes the fierce determination and aggression of a predator, even in the face of injury. With its striking design, this sticker is chosen by players who are relentless in their pursuit of victory. The colors of the sticker are so bright and saturated that it is impossible to look away.

Buy Sticker | Broken Fang

Great Wave (Holo)

MP9 Mount Fuji + 4 stickers Great Wave (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $6.32

Inspired by classic art, Sticker | Great Wave (Holo) brings a touch of elegance and history, depicting a towering, holographic wave ready to crash down on opponents. It’s favored by those who appreciate a blend of beauty and might in their gameplay.

Buy Sticker | Great Wave (Holo)

Liquid Fire (Holo)

AK-47 Nightwish + 4 stickers Liquid Fire (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $15.31

The Liquid Fire Holo sticker simmers with intensity, its holographic flames dancing in a mesmerizing pattern. Players drawn to this sticker are often those with a fiery passion for competition and a burning desire to rise through the CS2 ranks/. Your weapon will sparkle with new colors with this sticker!

Buy Sticker | Liquid Fire (Holo)

Ancient Protector

SG 553 Integrale + 4 stickers Ancient Protector
  • Starting Price: $0.40

Embodying the wisdom and strength of centuries, the Ancient Protector sticker features a stoic guardian figure. This sticker appeals to players who see themselves as the backbone of their team, offering protection and guidance. Despite the sticker’s low price, you will look fantastic on the battlefield!

Buy Sticker | Ancient Protector

Blue Gem (Glitter)

AK-47 Case Hardened + 4 stickers Blue Gem (Glitter)
  • Starting Price: $2.70

The Blue Gem Glitter sticker sparkles with an unmatched brilliance, its vibrant blue hues catching the light and the eye. It’s a jewel among stickers, sought after by players who wish to adorn their weapons with something truly special and eye-catching.

Buy Sticker | Blue Gem (Glitter)

Leaving the Station (Holo)

AK-47 Ice Coaled + 4 stickers Leaving the Station (Holo)
  • Starting Price: $5.86

Leaving the Station (Holo) sticker was also released as part of the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule in August 2022. This sticker is extremely popular among CS2 community thanks to its simplified design and opportunity to fit well with any type of weapon.

Buy Sticker | Leaving the Station (Holo)

Stone Scales (Foil)

AUG Stymphalian + 4 stickers Stone Scales (Foil)
  • Starting Price: $3.77

Unveil the raw power and intricate beauty of the Stone Scales (Foil) sticker, a masterful creation that blends the unyielding nature of stone with the gold snake. This sticker will be the perfect addition to brown and dark shades of weapons, making them look more refined and expensive.

Buy Sticker | Stone Scales (Foil)

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best stickers in CS2. All these stickers will perfectly complement your CS2 inventory and make the appearance of your weapon more attractive and interesting. To discover more stickers and skins, go directly to our CS2 marketplace.

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