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Inventory of CS2 Skins Under $10

So many people, so many opinions. The same is true of CS2 skins. With such a huge variety, it can be very difficult to make a choice. But more often than not your choice entirely depends on the funds you have at your disposal.

How much money do you usually spend on your CS2 skins inventory? How long do you save money for the inventory of your dreams? If you are often faced with a shortage of money, but still want to look cool without falling flat on your face, we have a great solution for you. Check out our CS2 skins inventories worth up to $10 for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.

Counter-Terrorist Skins Inventory

It’s always nice to be on the side of the good guys — the Counter-Terrorists — but it’s worth remembering that defending is a difficult task. To make things a little easier for you, we have specially selected skins that will look great in your hero’s hands and multiply your self-esteem and self-confidence!

Counter-terrorist CS2 inventory worth $10
Skins Starting Price
USP-S | Black Lotus (Minimal Wear) $1.67
CZ75-Auto | Tacticat (Minimal Wear) $0.63
Desert Eagle | Light Rail (Minimal Wear) $1.24
MP9 | Goo (Field-Tested) $0.30
UMP-45 | Moonrise (Minimal Wear) $0.41
FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Field-Tested) $1.12
SSG 08 | Mainframe 001 (Minimal Wear) $0.11
M4A4 | Spider Lily (Field-Tested) $2.43
AWP | Acheron (Field-Tested) $0.27

Terrorist Skins Inventory

Terrorists, like Counter-Terrorists, have their own unique set of weapons and equipment, created to provide an additional advantage in this struggle. Terrorists are ruthless and the presented inventory fully confirms this. If you have already chosen the dark side, then be irresistible!

Terrorist CS2 inventory worth $10
Skins Starting Price
Glock-18 | Ironwork (Minimal Wear) $0.14
Tec-9 | Re-Entry (Minimal Wear) $0.44
Desert Eagle | Light Rail (Minimal Wear) $1.24
MAC-10 | Last Dive (Field-Tested) $1.09
UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf (Field-Tested) $0.23
Galil AR | Tuxedo (Well-Worn) $0.28
SSG 08 | Abyss (Minimal Wear) $0.37
AK-47 | Slate (Well-Worn) $1.51
AWP | Worm God (Minimal Wear) $1.32

You don’t have to worry about money when it comes to CS2. These lists prove it. Don’t miss your chance and buy them at the best prices right now!

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