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Inventory of CS2 Skins Under $100

Most of us want to look attractive and recognizable in real life. The same theory can be applied to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Players have a great chance to completely transform their character and they don’t even need to spend a lot of money on it. The selection of skins is huge and you can be sure that you can easily find incredible yet inexpensive skins. You just have to get to know the whole range a little better and you’re done!

Today we want to show you the inventory of CS2 items worth up to $100. All you need to do is choose which side you want to play on: evil or good. Let’s check what we have for you for today!

Counter-Terrorist Skins Inventory

Counter-terrorist CS2 inventory worth $50
Skins Starting Price
Special Agent Ava | FBI $11.17
Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive (Minimal Wear) $38.83
M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested) $20.84
AWP | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested)

Terrorist Skins Inventory

Counter-terrorist CS2 inventory worth $50
Skins Starting Price
Safecracker Voltzmann | The Professionals $9.67
Desert Eagle | Code Red (Field-Tested) $19.98
AK-47 | Neon Rider (Field-Tested) $28.99
AWP | Electric Hive (Field-Tested)

Don’t scrimp on your wishlist, especially when it comes to your favorite games. These inventories of CS2 skins under $100 will not only make you happy but also self-confident in the game. Refresh your skins inventory right now and defeat your opponents on the battlefield together with DMarket.

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