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The Best Blue CS2 Stickers

If you have never played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before, then you definitely have something to do today. This game’s brought many players together from all over the world and made a splash among its audience. But CS2 is not only about the game; it is also about the ability to stand out and be unique.

Your personality is your skill and also the visual appearance of your hero. No matter how long you’ve played, CS2 skins and stickers are integral to your virtual life. So if you adore the color blue just like our team, this list of the best blue CS2 stickers is for you.

1. Sticker | Delicious Tears

CS2 Sticker Delicious Tears
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $1.54

Buy Sticker | Delicious Tears

2. Sticker | Chi Bomb

CS2 Sticker Chi Bomb
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $1.76

Buy Sticker | Chi Bomb

3. Sticker | Great Wave

CS2 Sticker Great Wave
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.13

Buy Sticker | Great Wave

4. Sticker | Global Elite

CS2 Sticker Global Elite
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.56

Buy Sticker | Global Elite

CS2 is also about constant practice. Regardless of the activity, any skill requires practice. And the more time you are willing to devote to it, the better your results. Keep this simple truth in mind when training. Improve your aim in CS2 with our best tips and crush your opponents.

5. Sticker | Primaris Keychain

CS2 Sticker Primaris Keychain
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.19

Buy Sticker | Primaris Keychain

6. Sticker | Liquid Fire

CS2 Sticker Liquid Fire
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.48

Buy Sticker | Liquid Fire

7. Sticker | Sunset Ocean Tentaskull

Sunset Ocean Tentaskull
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.06

Buy Sticker | Sunset Ocean Tentaskull

8. Sticker | SAS Chicken

SAS Chicken
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $1.55

Buy Sticker | SAS Chicken The choice of CPU is an essential and challenging task, even for someone with a technical background. You can’t just open a catalog and choose the latest and most incredible model — there are many factors to consider before selecting one. We’ve done the work for you and prepared a TOP CPUs list that is ideal for gamers in different price brackets. Take a look and don’t delay your purchase!

9. Sticker | Camper (Foil)

Camper (Foil)
  • Quality: Exotic

  • Starting Price: $3.20

Buy Sticker | Camper (Foil)

To achieve great results in CS2 you will definitely need to improve your aim. Professionals spend a lot of time on this every day, so you should understand that it is a long-lasting and difficult process, but the results will be clear.

10. Sticker | Poorly Drawn Ava

Poorly Drawn Ava
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.33

Buy Sticker | Poorly Drawn Ava

11. Sticker | Pegasus

  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.49

Buy Sticker | Pegasus

12. Sticker | Miami Buttery (Holo)

Miami Buttery (Holo)
  • Quality: Remarkable

  • Starting Price: $4.99

Buy Sticker | Miami Buttery (Holo)

This was our list of the best yellow C stickers to buy. It won’t affect your gameplay in any way, but it will express your style. Choose something you like the most along with the best blue CS2 skins!

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