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The Best Purple CS2 Stickers

There are two types of players in CS2 – those who love secrecy and tranquility, and classic muted colors, and those who always want to stand out on the battlefield not only with their outstanding skills but also with the bright eye-catching colors of their weapons.

Purple is an unusual color that attracts a lot of attention; the game is no exception. For lovers of the extraordinary, we have prepared the best purple CS2 stickers, let’s take a look.

1. Sticker | The Lurker

CS2 Sticker The Lurker
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.63

Buy Sticker | The Lurker

2. Sticker | Basilisk (Foil)

CS2 Sticker Basilisk (Foil)
  • Quality: Exotic

  • Starting Price: $5.00

Buy Sticker | Basilisk (Foil)

3. Sticker | Free Hugs (Holo)

CS2 Sticker Free Hugs (Holo)
  • Quality: Remarkable

  • Starting Price: $0.20

Buy Sticker | Free Hugs (Holo)

4. Sticker | One Sting

CS2 Sticker One Sting
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.26

Buy Sticker | One Sting

Without the economy, the game would have lost its variability and, most likely, would not have taken off even in the first version. Understanding the basics of the economy in CS2 is an important part of the game, especially if you are going to improve your skill in competitive mode. If you are a beginner and want to learn more about all the intricacies, read our guide.

5. Sticker | Purple Jaggyfish

CS2 Sticker Purple Jaggyfish
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.14

Buy Sticker | Purple Jaggyfish

6. Sticker | Gold Web (Foil)

CS2 Sticker Gold Web (Foil)
  • Quality: Exotic

  • Starting Price: $1.18

Buy Sticker | Gold Web (Foil)

7. Sticker | Shattered Web

CS2 Sticker Shattered Web
  • Quality: High Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.11

Buy Sticker | Shattered Web

This was our list of the best purple CS2 stickers that can significantly improve the appearance of your weapon. They are all available on our market together with the best purple CS2 skins so you can purchase them in a couple of clicks at any moment.

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