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The Best 11 MP9 Skins in CS:GO

The Best 11 MP9 Skins in CS:GO

Another day, another top CS:GO skins list, and by this point in time, these skin lists have become a sort of a tradition. Today we are taking a look at the best MP9 Skins in CS:GO so without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

MP9 skins - stats by purschases per month

You can buy CS:GO skins in two different ways:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Because gamers want to trade without fees and easily withdraw money from their accounts (Steam does not provide such an opportunity).

1. MP9 | Rose Iron

MP9 Rose Iron

2. MP9 | Hydra

MP9 Hydra
  • Flavor Text: Worth the wait

  • Added: 18 October 2019

  • Quality: Classified

  • Starting Price: $2.65

  • Case: CS20 Case

  • Collection: The CS20 Collection

3. MP9 | Goo

MP9 Goo
  • Flavor Text: Covered in spite

  • Added: 14 September 2017

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.33

  • Case: Spectrum 2 Case

4. MP9 | Bioleak

MP9 Bioleak

  • Added: 28 April 2016

  • Quality: Mil-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.15

  • Case: Chroma 3 Case

5. MP9 | Deadly Poison

MP9 Deadly Poison
  • Flavor Text: It’s not the first bite that kills you, it’s the 29 that come after

  • Added: 8 January 2015

  • Quality: Mil-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.17

  • Case: Chroma Case

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6. MP9 | Setting Sun

MP9 Setting Sun

7. MP9 | Dart

MP9 Dart
  • Flavor Text: Throw enough downfield and you’re bound to hit the bullseye eventually

  • Added: 11 November 2014

  • Quality: Mil-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.46

  • Case: Operation Vanguard Weapon Case

8. MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart

MP9 Ruby Poison Dart
  • Flavor Text: Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

  • Added: 26 May 2015

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.64

  • Case: Falchion Case

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9. MP9 | Modest Threat

MP9 Modest Threat

10. MP9 | Airlock

MP9 Airlock

11. MP9 | Black Sand

MP9 Black Sand
  • Flavor Text: “End their campaign before it begins”

  • Added: 16 February 2018

  • Quality: Mil-Spec

  • Starting Price: 0.07

  • Case: Clutch Case

  • Collection: The Clutch Collection

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