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The Best Cheap CS:GO and CS2 Knife Skins in 2024

Most players love custom CS2 knives. Not everyone can use them effectively, though, but that’s a story for another day. Imagine running through a Counter-Strike map, taking out your knife to be quicker, and it’s not the simplest default weapon, but is wrapped in a shiny, perfect skin. Everyone around says “Wow!” and starts respecting you even more. Even if they know it’s one of the cheapest CS:GO/CS2 knife skins, such a look is always super impressive.

Knives are easily among the most expensive skins in CS2. While other weapon finishes need to be Souvenirs with unique stickers or with an unusual pattern index, Counter-Strike knives… They exist, but they are so extremely rare to obtain from cases, that every single one is a treasure.

Knives are in the category of exceedingly rare items, with only a 0.26% drop rate from a CS2 case. Some of them are considered a fantastic blessing for players. Check out our list of the most expensive knife skins in CS2, and you’ll find unique pattern variations and especially successful combinations of knives and skins.

For this article on DMarket Blog, we’ve decided to take a different approach. Here, you can find your best, cheapest knife in CS:GO and CS2! We have prepared a variety of options for you to choose from. The items here are still quite expensive, don’t get us wrong. But they are cheap compared to other Counter-Strike knives. So, let’s dive into the list!

Gut Knife | Lore (Field-Tested)

Gut Knife Lore (FT)

This knife has luxurious beauty—thanks to the exceptionally successful combination of the gold metal, green handle, and fine decoration. This style looks pretty different to the otherwise brutal shape of the Gut Knife. Do you like fancy decorative CS2 skins with such aggressive weapons?

There are no rare pattern indexes for Gut Knife | Lore, so you should pay attention only to the Float Value. We have a Field-Tested exterior in our example of a cheap CS2 knife.

Buy Gut Knife | Lore

Navaja Knife Marble Fade (FN)

This knife is relatively small, and it looks nice in the hand of a CS2 Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. Marble Fade includes a gradient from yellow to red and to blue. An interesting feature of the Navaja Knife is that the colors cover the top part of the handle too, not only the blade.

While purchasing Navaja Knife | Marble Fade, you should pay special attention to the pattern indexes or, to be more precise, to the position of the colors on the blade. If yellow/red/blue occupy relatively equal areas, this feature increases the prices. Variations with a lot of yellow are not that valuable. The cheapest knife in CS:GO/CS2 may be Marble Fade with a common pattern index. Surprisingly, even Factory New skins are not too expensive.

Buy Navaja Knife | Marble Fade

Survival Knife | Case Hardened (Well-Worn)

Survival Knife Case Hardened (WW)

All Case Hardened skins have beautiful blue elements—the result of hardening the metal. In the Counter-Strike community, the dominance of blue areas on the blade is a sign of high value. Such skins are super rare, and there are many more skin variations with very little blue.

If you want cheap CS:GO/CS2 knives, don’t expect to get a Blue Gem knife. Aim for more common pattern indexes. Every Survival Knife | Case Hardened is still pretty cool and impressive. Thanks to its huge blade, walking around CS2 maps with such a knife is a boost for your competitive spirit.

Buy Survival Knife | Case Hardened

Bowie Knife | Bright Water (Factory New)

Bowie Knife Bright Water (FN)

This CS2 skin has a blue camouflage texture. Due to the chaotic image, there are no rare variations, which prevents the creation of super expensive knives. Bowie Knife | Bright Water is simply a solid weapon that can make your inventory exceptionally stylish.

It is pretty important to take care of your comfort within the game, not only of the external appearance of your Counter-Strike weapons. Jump into CS2 with your personal launch options to have no obstacles on your way to success!

Buy Bowie Knife | Bright Water

Bowie Knife | Autotronic (Field-Tested)

Bowie Knife Autotronic (FT)

It’s another Bowie in our list of the cheapest CS:GO/CS2 knife skins. In a way, the Autotronic skin nicely complements the straightforward shape of this knife—it feels like determination in your aggressive actions. The red blade sure resembles blood, so let the weapon and its aggressiveness remain within the virtual world only! Getting a kill with such a CS2 knife may become a significant plus for your reputation in the community.

Not everything in Counter-Strike is connected specifically to combat. Movement skills are also important. It is possible to improve them thanks to CS2 surfing.

Buy Bowie Knife | Autotronic

Huntsman Knife | Freehand (Field-Tested)

Huntsman Knife Freehand (FT)

This skin has a pretty unusual image. It’s a combination of somewhat abstract lines and shapes with a clear graffiti-like sign. The word “Stealth” is quite big, but thanks to the size of the Huntsman Knife’s blade, the message can be read on it. Many collectors and traders hunt for such pattern variations—but unlike some other rare knife skins, the price spike is not huge.

Check out different Huntsman Knife | Freehand offers. Some skins may have a human figure in the background. Others may have arrows around the sign. Choose whichever you like the most, as this is a pretty affordable CS2 knife.

Buy Huntsman Knife | Freehand

Falchion Knife | Ultraviolet (Minimal Wear)

Falchion Knife Ultraviolet (MW)

The Counter-Strike community appreciates this knife thanks to its minimalistic simplicity. There are no bright colors or even unusual patterns. The blade is dark, while the handle has some ultraviolet elements. This style speaks of practicality—you come to a match to be an effective player, not to show off. And when you can get those knife kills or even just know when to run with your CS2 knife out, Falchion Knife | Ultraviolet sure helps teammates and opponents notice you.

To practice these gameplay elements, head to the offline match. You may need to remove bots to focus on something specific in your training.

Buy Falchion Knife | Ultraviolet

Navaja Knife Slaughter (MW)

The full beauty of the Slaughter skins is in the striped texture pattern, which resembles a tiger’s camouflage on CS2 knives. Still, to maximize this effect, it’s better to have a bigger blade than the Navaja Knife. This specific knife is relatively small, and the atmosphere around its Slaughter skin is somewhat different.

The weapon suddenly feels more elegant. The style is supported by a fancy handle. Having it may be unusual for a CS2 player, but Navaja Knife | Slaughter may perfectly reflect your mood and approach to the game. Yes, it’s one of the cheapest CS:GO/CS2 knife skins, but its value is in its uniqueness. Is it your cup of tea?

Buy Navaja Knife | Slaughter

Gut Knife | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)

Gut Knife Tiger Tooth (FN)

The shape of this CS2 knife and its striped pattern image create an aggressive atmosphere. There’s a sense of rushing through the jungles destroying everything on your way. Sure, you can’t really play Counter-Strike exactly like this, but in some moments it’s nice to have this offense boost. Gut Knife | Tiger Tooth should help you get one.

There are no unusually rare variations of this skin. Like with some other knives, you should pay attention to the Float Value (quality). It’s an important step in the skins evolution, which may affect the price significantly.

Buy Gut Knife | Tiger Tooth

Falchion Knife | Damascus Steel (Field-Tested)

Falchion Knife Damascus Steel (FT)

It’s pretty surprising to see this knife among the cheapest in CS2. Not only does Falchion Knife | Damascus Steel look good, but it also has the great feature of the skin’s texture image covering part of the handle.

Damascus Steel suggests cold strength and max effectiveness in battles. It can emphasize your reliability as a player. And such a knife combines decently with other rather minimalistic weapon skins.

Buy Falchion Knife | Damascus Steel

The variety of cheap CS2 knives is vast enough to let you find something specifically for your style. Don’t forget to fill your inventory with great rifles and pistols—they are used more often during the game! Buy CS2 skins on DMarket. And stay tuned to our blog for helpful guides and articles about game items trading.

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