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The Best Agents in CS2 (Sorted By Popularity)

In the ever-evolving landscape of competitive gaming, CS2 stands as a colossus, continuing the legacy of its predecessor with enhanced graphics, refined mechanics, and a deeper strategic layer that has redefined the first-person shooter genre.

Central to this immersive experience is the CS2 agents—characters that players can choose to represent themselves in the game. These agents are more than just cosmetic variations; they embody the diverse tactics, roles, and playstyles that CS2 offers, each bringing a unique flavor to the battlefield.

In this article, we will take a look at the best CS2 agents according to players’ selections and purchases on the global market and DMarket’s marketplace. It might help you to choose the one that best fits your preferences and style of game.

‘The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre

The Doctor Romanov Sabre CS2
  • Starting Price: $5.04

‘The Doctor’ Romanov is the most popular CS2 agent among players. He is known for his cold precision and rumored dark past. A master tactician and a feared assassin within the Sabre unit, Romanov is popular among players who favor a calculating, methodical approach to their gameplay. His distinctive appearance and enigmatic backstory add layers of intrigue, making him a favored choice for those who appreciate depth in character lore and want to improve their CS2 rank.

Buy ‘The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre

Rezan The Ready | Sabre

Rezan The Ready Sabre CS2
  • Starting Price: $2.84

Rezan’s reputation for readiness and bravery precedes him. As a member of the elite Sabre unit, his fearsome battle cries and unyielding spirit make him a favorite with players who prefer an aggressive playstyle. His visually striking gear and charismatic persona inspire teammates and intimidate opponents, embodying the spirit of a warrior ready for any challenge.

Buy Rezan The Ready | Sabre

Special Agent Ava | FBI

Special Agent Ava FBI CS2
  • Starting Price: $10.31

Special Agent Ava is a symbol of justice and precision. Her expertise in hostage rescue operations and high-risk arrests has earned her a place among the FBI’s finest. Players are drawn to Ava for her professionalism and resilience, as well as her tactical gear. Her popularity is also boosted by her role model status, showing strength and determination.

Buy Special Agent Ava | FBI

Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC SEAL

Lt. Commander Ricksaw NSWC SEAL CS2
  • Starting Price: $6.95

With a no-nonsense attitude and a wealth of combat experience, Lt. Commander Ricksaw is the quintessential leader. Players who enjoy taking charge and supporting their teammates often choose Ricksaw, valuing his leadership qualities and combat prowess. His rugged appearance and SEAL gear resonate with players who admire the elite military forces.

Buy Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC SEAL

Soldier | Phoenix

Soldier Phoenix CS2
  • Starting Price: $1.30

The quintessential rebel, Soldier | Phoenix embodies the fight against oppression. This agent’s resilience and firebrand tactics make him a popular choice for players who side with the underdog. His rough-around-the-edges look and fiery spirit attracts those who enjoy playing as relentless fighters on the battlefield.

Buy Soldier | Phoenix

Blackwolf | Sabre

Blackwolf Sabre CS2
  • Starting Price: $2.94

Blackwolf, the silent hunter of the Sabre unit, is known for his stealth and unmatched tracking skills. Players fascinated by the lone-wolf archetype often gravitate towards Blackwolf—a predator on the hunt. His tactical gear makes him a go-to for those who relish the element of surprise.

Buy Blackwolf | Sabre

Enforcer | Phoenix

Enforcer Phoenix CS2
  • Starting Price: $1.50

The Enforcer is the backbone of the Phoenix faction. Resilient and powerful, this agent’s imposing presence and battle-hardened demeanor make him a formidable force. His popularity stems from his iconic masked visage, appealing to those who favor strength, intimidation, and frontal assaults.

Buy Enforcer | Phoenix

Markus Delrow | FBI HRT

Markus Delrow FBI HRT CS2
  • Starting Price: $2.69

As a member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, Delrow specializes in high-stakes operations where precision is key. Players admire Delrow for his strategic mind and the calmness he maintains under pressure, making him a favorite for those who approach the game with a tactical mindset. His gear, detailed with HRT insignia, attracts players who appreciate realism and specialization.

Buy Markus Delrow | FBI HRT

‘Two Times’ McCoy | USAF TACP

Two Times McCoy USAF TACP CS2
  • Starting Price: $3.04

Known for calling in precision airstrikes and his unmatched field communication, ‘Two Times’ McCoy is a legend in air-ground operations. His role as a Tactical Air Control Party operator makes him a unique choice for players interested in the strategic aspect of warfare.

Buy ‘Two Times’ McCoy | USAF TACP

Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL

Seal Team 6 Soldier NSWC SEAL CS2
  • Starting Price: $4.84

Representing the elite of the elite, the Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL is the epitome of bravery and skill. This agent is chosen by players who aspire to military precision and excellence. His authentic SEAL gear and formidable appearance make him a popular choice for those who aim to inspire fear and respect in the hearts of their opponents.

Buy Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL

Each CS2 agent together with the best CS2 skins bring a unique flavor to the game, allowing players to immerse themselves in diverse roles and playstyles. From the shadows of espionage to the front lines of combat, these agents offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of stories and strategies that CS2 encompasses. To improve your skills in the game, check out our CS2 tips.

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