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Advanced Guide on How to Use DMarket (Video Guides)

The primary purpose of our marketplace is to give gamers and traders a super convenient platform for selling and buying various game items. And one of the goals of our development team is to make the platform as straightforward as possible. With honest pride, we could say this goal has been reached. DMarket is for everyone to use and thrive. What’s the reason for making this guide then?

Well, let’s start with the variety of options you have here. Quite a few games are already connected to the marketplace, and we are not gonna stop there. Then, selling CS:GO skins or buying Dota 2 items — this is only the tip of the iceberg. Our users can exchange items, look for specific offers, make direct deals with other people, etc. Yeah, having an additional explanation for every opportunity available on DMarket sounds like a good idea.

And also, this advanced guide on how to use DMarket is actually part of making the whole platform convenient and accessible to the max. Please, check out the sections of this article, and you will most likely find some answers and explanations.

How to Buy Skins on DMarket

Many gamers want to express themselves in the virtual world with specific skins — no need to wait for a drop, it’s easier to buy these items on DMarket. Traders have other reasons to buy skins on our marketplace, as it might be quite a profitable business. Whatever your motivation is, buying skins on DMarket is simple.

How to Sell Skins on DMarket

If you have skins (game items) in your inventory, DMarket gives you a real chance to sell them and get cash instead. Linking your gaming and marketplace accounts is pretty much automated. Listing items on the marketplace happens through a simple interface. All the details are in the following video.

How to Trade Skins on DMarket

In many situations, DMarket users don’t need to sell skins to buy other items. It might be significantly better to use the trading feature on our platform, to exchange skins. Our marketplace facilitates transactions with a trading bot and other users, with some practical features.

How to Get Money for Skins on DMarket

Listing skins for sale is only part of the process. You obviously want to get money from your items. Sure, getting an actual customer (buyer) is an unpredictable process, and a lot here depends on what you sell, the price you set, and even a bit of blind luck. But the technical steps of getting money for your skins on DMarket are super clear — and they are explained in the video.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money on DMarket

To buy items on DMarket, you obviously need to have funds in your marketplace account. Our platform offers 60+ methods of depositing money, so you certainly have a good chance to find something especially for you. The opposite side of this process is withdrawing money from your DMarket account to various payment systems — and DMarket has many payout methods. Check out the video for details.

How to Get Skins Cheaper (DMarket Target Feature)

One of the most convenient features of DMarket is our Target system. It allows buyers to find specific items for the best prices. At the same time, this is a good option for sellers as well — Targets enable finding a customer really quickly. This feature on our platform is nicely explained in the video.

We hope these videos have answered all of your questions and resolved every one of your doubts.

If you still need some support regarding the marketplace features, reach out to us through or through the internal chat directly on the platform.

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