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Everything You Need to Know About the Recent Platform Changes

We are excited to announce some recent advancements on the platform, and ahead of them, we wanted to make sure you were aware and up to speed!

Moving forward, you might notice a couple of minor changes, including:

  • your wallet ID format will be changed
  • item history in the Exonum Blockchain Explorer will not be reflected in the Mythical Chain Explorer
  • a more user-friendly setup


We are moving from Exonum to the Mythical Chain, an EVM layer one chain with full smart contract support, now that we are a part of the Mythos Foundation, along with the Mythos Blockchain Ecosystem DAO. As a member of the ecosystem, we are working together to simplify, standardize and democratize Web3 gaming and reduce barriers to entry to help Web3 reach a wider audience.

What Does This Mean for DMarket Users?

DMarket users will be among the first to leverage all the advantages of the gaming-focused Mythical chain and Mythical’s Web3 innovation. Beyond that and some minor platform changes, there’ll be no major effects on DMarket users.

For more information on the Mythos Foundation, visit this link.

If you have any other questions, please see our FAQs on the recent changes.


Are you introducing users to a new wallet? How is the Mythical wallet different from other wallets?

That’s correct, users will be introduced to a new wallet. Mythical Wallet is a custodial wallet that ensures a seamless experience with all applications built on the Mythical Chain. It is geared towards gamers and ensures that you can use the assets stored there with all features of the Mythical Chain ecosystem games.

What is the difference between your blockchain and Mythical Chain?

Mythical Chain is a permissioned EVM chain optimized for in-game assets. Mythical Chain is an EVM layer one chain with full smart contract support. Being EVM facilitates interoperability with other chains, with Ethereum wallets, and with ecosystem tools such as analytics aggregators built for Ethereum. Also:

  • It is an open source that will be supported by many developers worldwide.
  • EMV blockchains are faster and more sophisticated.
  • Tech giants enthusiastically support this blockchain.

How many times did Mythical Chain conduct audits? Which auditor did you use?

Mythical Chain performs smart contract audits whenever their smart contracts change, and the auditor is Quantstamp.

Will my assets be safe while moving to the new chain?

Absolutely. All assets are safe within the migration and the marketplace overall. DMarket developed one of the most sophisticated infrastructures with a powerful AML and anti-fraud protection system based on 10 years of industry expertise.

What are those benefits? Please share examples.

We believe the future belongs to the user-owned economy. DMarket users will be at the forefront of the transition from classic gaming with no in-game asset ownership to blockchain gaming where each in-game asset will be owned by users. Users will also be able to conduct cross-game transactions, exchanging in-game assets between different games in the future. Players will be finally able to monetize their time spent in games — from creators to gamers.

Will the DMarket marketplace stay live?

Yes, the DMarket marketplace will stay live.

What happens to Steam skins?

No changes here. You will still be able to trade Steam skins without any changes.

Will all the usual DMarket opportunities be active for me as a customer: withdrawing funds after selling items, linking my Steam/Twitch account to DMarket profile, creating targets etc?

Yes, there will not be any changes. All this functionality will remain available to DMarket users.

Is the F2F option still available? If not, will it ever be returned? If yes, are there any changes to it?

There will not be any changes. All this functionality will remain available to DMarket users.

Are there any changes implemented in API documentation? If yes, what are they?

There will not be any changes. All this functionality will remain available to DMarket users.

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