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Changes in the API Are on Their Way

Within the next two weeks the old endpoints will be decommissioned, while the amount of request-per-second for remains the same. This is done to improve the stability of the platform, which will allow it to process the requests and deliver the information faster.

According to the old version of the API, during the transition period to the changed endpoints, the endpoint for the market offers (/exchange/v1/ market/items) will allow you to scroll through the list of the market offers for up to 100 pages. Over the hundredth page, you will receive an error with instructions on how to switch to the new pagination mechanism.

The changes will also affect the totals section for all of the mentioned endpoints below. The exact number of the list length will be displayed for lists up to 10,000 in dimension. If the list exceeds the number 10,000, the number displayed won’t change and will remain 10,000 (which means that the number is greater than 10,000).

After the transition period starts, both old and new pagination methods will be available for two weeks.

Changes in the pagination mechanism will affect the following endpoints:

  • /exchange/v1/market/items
  • /exchange/v1/user/items
  • /exchange/v1/user/offers
  • /exchange/v1/user/targets

We will update the outdated mechanisms for all the mentioned endpoints by replacing the offset and adding the new parameter - cursor.

Cursor-based pagination returns a pointer to the next page in a set of items. On subsequent requests, the server returns results after the specified cursor along with a cursor to the next page. The first query is executed without mentioning the cursor. The end of the list is identified by an empty cursor.

P.S. Please let us know if the upcoming changes with the depicted number in the totals sections are not convenient for you by contacting our support. We will do our best to provide you with the solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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