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Team Fortress 2 Is Now on DMarket

The evergreen and beloved multiplayer FPS Team Fortress 2 has been entertaining millions of players for over 12 years. Today, it comes to DMarket so that you can buy, sell, and exchange TF2 items using the most advanced set of trading features.

Whether you’re looking for a new Shortstop for your Scout or how to make a ton of money from your Golden Frying Pan, DMarket is where you can do this with speed, fun, and security.

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Team Fortress 2 in Numbers and Facts

Fact #1

1 – TF2 was the first big title to allow player-to-player trading. In December 2012, TF2 became the first game to be featured on the Steam Community Market.

Fact #2

2 – TF2 is a sequel to the Quake mod Team Fortress, released in 1996 and remade into Team Fortress Classics in 1999.

Fact #3

3 is the minimum number of weapon types available to each of the game’s nine playable classes such as Scout, Medic, Demoman, Soldier, Heavy, Sniper, Spy, Pyro, and Engineer. TF2’s iconic cartoon-like design makes each character and equipped weapon visually distinct. If you’ve managed to get your hands on something like the Killer Exclusive or the Graybanns, this surely won’t go unnoticed.

Fact #4

8 years of delays and silent development after a promising showcase at E3 1999 make Team Fortress 2 one of gaming’s most prominent examples of vaporware.

Fact #5

12 years is the game’s current lifespan. It was finally released in October 2007 and has won and maintained a big and passionate community of players since then. What’s interesting, TF2’s final design was nothing like the original concept introduced at E3 1999. It switched from a realistic military-style design to cartoon-like visuals, which proved to be a success.

Fact #6

19,349 USD is the record-high price paid for a TF2 item. It was a Burning Flames Team Captain Hat sold in 2015. The item’s current average price is considerably lower, but TF2 still has an array of items worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Fact #7

63,662 hours is the TF2 playtime record held currently by player Slingo according to

Fact #8

85,150 was the peak number of concurrent TF2 players in March 2020.

Fact #9

122,938 is the record-high peak concurrent player number for TF2. It was recorded in December 2018, 11 years after the game’s release.

Fact #10

611,332 USD has been awarded to TF2 players across 133 eSports tournaments according to

Fact #11

50,000,000+ game owners on Steam put TF2 in the top 50 most played games, ever.

Trade TF2 Items Like Never Before

Like with all other games on DMarket, you can use the full range of next-gen features to streamline your TF2 trading.

  • Buy. Get anything you want with just a couple of clicks, at the best prices.

  • Bid | Target. Save time and money while searching for your dream TF2 items. You can make bids offering your own price for any item from other users’ inventories, no matter if it’s for sale or not yet. As soon as an item matching your target conditions appears on the market, you’ll receive it to your inventory.

  • Sell. The choice is yours: sell TF2 items instantly for a price offered by other users or set your own conditions and put an item up for sale. DMarket’s AI algorithms will help you estimate your items’ value and sell them both quickly and profitably.

  • Exchange. Upgrade your TF2 inventory in a flash. Choose up to 100 TF2 items with Instant Sale prices in your inventory and swap them for the new gear of your choice with a single click. You can also trade TF2 inventory for items from other games and vice versa.

  • Earn. Cash-out your profits using an array of popular payment methods.

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