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TF2 Characters (Classes): An Ultimate Guide

So, you’ve decided to jump into this legendary shooter. Beware, because Team Fortress 2 is super fun and can be addictive. You may suddenly find yourself starting multiplayer matches again and again, collecting an amazing variety of skins, and improving each and every small aspect of your skills.

TF2 has been around here since 2007, which makes it one of the longest-running and most successful games ever. Do you still want to try it out? Then we are here to help make your first steps in this hilarious adventure easier. With this guide, you will discover the primary features of all TF2 classes and how to play each one effectively.

Who Are You In The Battle?

Unlike CS:GO, where players have only terrorists and counter-terrorists, Team Fortress 2 offers nine classes of characters. Each has unique weapons and can perform a specific role in team play. Such a division is a bit similar to the roles of characters in MOBAs, such as DOTA 2. All TF2 characters are:

  • Offensive: Soldier, Scout, Pyro;
  • Defensive: Demoman, Engineer, Heavy;
  • Support: Spy, Medic, Sniper.


offensive role of tf2 characters

Characters of this group are very good at attacking opponents. It’s a crucial role for capturing control points and the intelligence briefcase, for becoming King of the Hill, and pushing the opposing team away from their cart.


This hero is a basic attacking power of a TF2 team. He uses three default weapons:

  • Rocket Launcher - for long-distance battles;
  • Shotgun - a middle-range weapon;
  • Shovel - for hitting those impudent enough to come very close.

With his rockets, the TF2 Soldier causes significant damage and allows teammates to take some territory under their control. He has a big storage of health and can play well, even in defense. He is the TF2 best class for beginners.

Soldier Basic Tips

  • Shoot rockets at the feet of your opponents to make the explosions more effective and damage a few guys at once; Shoot a rocket just under your Soldier to perform his Rocket Jump. It’s a good way to move faster on the map or reach some nice positions.


This guy combines a great advantage with a bitter weakness. While the TF2 Scout moves super fast, his health is very low. In the game rounds of Team Fortress 2, this character uses such default weapons as:

  • Scattergun- a shotgun for close-range attacks;
  • Pistol - a semi-automatic gun with high accuracy for medium and long distances;
  • Baseball Bat - made of aluminum, it’s a dangerous melee weapon.

It’s not so easy to use Scout when you’re a beginner. You should get to know the game properly, including the maps, to get the most from his high speed. Scout rushes into the enemy’s territory, causes quick damage, and then runs away to save his life. He is very good at capturing control points and pushing the cart - the Scout does this two times faster.

Scout Basic Tips

  • Master Double Jump to reach even farther places. Change the direction of your jump to avoid deadly bullets;
  • Keep moving all the time. It’s a good method to avoid damage.


The attacking style of this TF2 character is not so straightforward as the Soldier. The Pyro is the most effective in a short range, so he can be used to sneak into the area of enemies to burn them down. Default weapons for this guy are:

  • Homemade Flamethrower - with the powerful effect of afterburn;
  • Shotgun - to attack those who stay too far from the fire flames;
  • Fire Axe - a reliable tool of firefighters and some game warriors.

Learn the maps to know various shortcuts and burn opponents unnoticed. Pyro should run after revealing himself to look for other victims. He is among Team Fortress characters for beginners because you don’t need to be good at aiming.

Pyro Basic Tips

  • Attacks of this TF2 class is very effective from ambushes;
  • The afterburn effect causes damage over time, so you don’t need to wait for the death of your victims;
  • Fire reveals the Spy.


Defensive role of tf2 characters

In all the game modes, defensive TF2 classes are very significant for the team. They protect control points, carts, and the intelligence briefcase, and they are crucial while playing King of the Hill. These characters back up the offensive guys (Scout and Pyro) when they decide to retreat.


He creates powerful explosions which can strongly damage many opponents. Default weapons of the Demoman in Team Fortress 2 are:

  • Grenade Launcher - the missiles explode after touching enemies or in around 2 seconds after bouncing from an object;
  • Stickybomb Launcher - to create dangerous traps for attacking troops;
  • Bottle - a side-product of the alcohol-addicted nature of the Demoman.

It’s quite difficult to control the TF2 Demoman, so beginners are advised to avoid this character until they have enough playing experience. The Demoman should become a hidden power of a team and not rush into face-to-face battles. His explosions are devastating, though. It’s a good decision to invest time in mastering him, even if the process may seem challenging.

Demoman Basic Tips

  • Hold the left mouse button longer to launch Stickybombs farther;
  • Place one Stickybomb just under the Demomen to perform his Sticky Jump;
  • Opponents can deactivate your traps if they spot Stickybombs. Put them in well-hidden places.


While playing TF2 as the Engineer, you rarely fight other characters directly. Use this class to create special buildings that automatically shoot at opponents, heal teammates, or work as teleports. With the Engineer, you are using default weapons such as:

  • Shotgun - to shoot opponents in the close and middle range;
  • Pistol - for long-range battles;
  • Wrench - to kill those who have survived everything else.

Of course, the Engineer uses his weapon only as support in the primary mission. His buildings create a nice cover for the team. Make a relatively safe zone with Sentry Guns, support attackers with Dispensers, and speed up the general offense with Teleporters. Engineer creates these buildings with Construction PDA. in the matches, he often uses Destruction PDA to place the buildings in new locations. You need to know the TF2 maps and possible team strategies very well to make your Engineer really helpful.

Engineer Basic Tips

  • Use Wrench to create the buildings faster - just hit them with this weapon;
  • Wrench removes Sappers of the Spy, which can destroy the buildings;
  • Repair damaged buildings. Update them to make them more effective;
  • Use any opportunity to collect metal. Take it from the ammo boxes and Dispensers.


He is the biggest man in the game with the most dangerous weapon. His powerful advantage is a huge amount of health. His weakness is very, very slow movements - especially when the Heavy is firing his primary gun. Default weapons for this TF2 character are:

  • Minigun - to create deadly waves of bullets;
  • Shotgun - a supportive firearm;
  • Fists - to… you probably know what to do with these heavy fists.

Be very careful with the Heavy - never forget that he is a defensive TF2 class, so you should keep him behind the backs of attackers. On the frontline, slow movements make the Heavy super vulnerable. The Medic is the best partner for this guy, as well as the Engineer’s buildings. Heavy protects them and they support his good health and ammo.

Heavy Basic Tips

  • Always take care of ammo. Use any possibility to get more bullets - collect every ammo box on your way;
  • When you unlock the Sandwich as a secondary weapon, you can eat it and restore health. The Heavy can even drop this food and help his teammates;
  • Hold the right mouse button to spin the Minigun and be ready for quick shooting:
  • The opponent Spies are the most dangerous for the Heavy, so don’t forget about them.


Support role of tf2 characters

There are three Team Fortress 2 characters that do not participate directly in offensive and defensive actions but they help all the other guys to be more effective.


He is a tricky guy. It’s quite difficult to play as the Spy and it’s really hard to deal with such an opponent. He collects valuable information for his team by sneaking behind the enemy’s back. Of course, the Spy can hit that back really hard and make the offensive task much easier. Default weapons of this TF2 character are:

  • Revolver - when the Spy needs to shoot from a middle or even long distance;
  • Knife - it deals very significant damage as a melee weapon.

Apart from these weapons, the Spy uses:

  • Primary PDA, Disguise Kit to change the appearance and look exactly like TF2 characters of the opposing team. The device looks like a cigarette case;
  • Secondary PDA - it makes the Spy invisible and applies some additional helpful effects.

You need be very good at playing all the other characters to become an effective team player as the Spy. Very good knowledge of the maps will also be handy. Medics and Pyros can expose the true nature of this guy, so the Spy’s tricks are not an ultimate protection.

Spy Basic Tips

  • Use the knife to kill opponents fast. It’s the same deadly weapon as CS:GO knives;
  • Destroy the enemy’s uildings with Electro Sappers. Do this first if you decide to attack the Engineer;
  • Often, you only have to watch opponents without taking any actions - you collect various info and then transfer it to your team.


He is the most direct support in Team Fortress 2. The Medic heals teammates and helps them continue the battle without any breaks. He uses:

  • Syringe Gun - to shoot… syringes;
  • Medi Gun - a healing device;
  • Bonesaw - which is probably a very helpful tool for doctors.

The Medic is a super important part of any TF2 team, and playing as him is quite accessible for beginners. The only negative aspect is losing the fun of splashing the blood of your enemies all over virtual walls. To be a good healer, you should know who to help in different situations. Your best buddy will be the Heavy guy.

Medic Basic Tips

  • To make accurate shots from the Syringe Gun, aim a bit above your victims - syringes soon lose the height;
  • Don’t stop the healing process when your patients have 100% health. It can get up to 150%;
  • Fill the ÜberCharge feature of your Medi Gun to make the Medic and his patient invulnerable for a while;
  • Other players can call the Medic by pressing E. It’s best to not ignore such calls.


Use this guy to kill opponents from a safe distance. Default weapons of the Sniper are:

  • Sniper Rifle - a super powerful gun that kills with one accurate headshot (like AWP in CS:GO;
  • Submachine Gun - helpful in critical situations:
  • Kukri - a big, machete-like blade.

While playing as Sniper, you should occupy the best places on the map to see the opposing team perfectly well. Also, you need to understand possible strategies and roles of all TF2 classes - to know who to choose as your next victim.

Sniper Basic Tips

  • Always aim at the head, it’s the most effective shot;
  • Sniper is very vulnerable, so avoid any direct battles;
  • The Sniper Rifle is charging while it’s zoomed in. Take your time to perform the best shot possible;
  • Jarate is a jar with… urine to reveal Spies and make shots of teammates more powerful. It’s an unlockable secondary weapon of the Sniper with slow regeneration.

Team Fortress 2 is a unique shooting game. It’s never as serious as Counter-Strike. It opens very interesting team strategies. The matches here may really differ from each other - and there are a variety of best TF2 classes that will suit your mood and deliver fresh excitement each time.

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