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How to Play Demoman in TF2

Demoman is the major TF2 character that, when mastered properly, can really help you turn the match around in your favor with his impeccable set of war skills and tools. However, Demoman is considered an intermediate player’s choice. So if you are a beginner TF2 player, then you will certainly need a piece of advice on efficiently playing Demoman. Many people believe that it is easy to play Demoman because he deals massive damage. But there are things to learn before you should start playing as him.

Demoman is a medium-ranged class that has an impressive damage output, capable of both defensive and offensive support. Even though this character is inaccurate at range and inclined to self-damage at point-blank, he is one of the few classes that are able to attack with no line of sight to the target. If your choice is Demoman, then you should know that his playstyle can change with access to a shield and a sword, which makes the character a fearsome melee. This is due to his ability to perform charged dashes and long-ranged melee attacks.

All in all, Demoman is a great class to play, but it can be challenging to master. From this TF2 beginner guide, you will learn that this class is perfect for players focused on eliminating numerous enemies and protecting objectives.

Check out a few of our essential TF2 Demoman tips and insights.

TF2 Demoman tips

Use and Abuse Medium Range Attacks

You should keep in mind that Demoman is best when it comes to the medium-range battle because his explosives are harder to avoid, easier to aim, and they don’t deal self-damage to the character. Note also that Stickybombs and Grenades have a travel time and obey the laws of gravity, so it is crucial to aim where the target is going to hit the enemies. That’s why you should lead the direction of the traveling point or aim higher for distant objects.

Use Class-specific Demoman Weapons More Often

One big advantage Demoman has compared to other characters is his ability to deliver damage where other classes are not able to. One of the best TF2 Demoman weapons are grenades, which you can throw around corners, onto battlements, and through windows. If you skip Grenades across the ground when aiming at a distant target, it can be more effective than throwing them through the sky. Stickybombs are compact and they can stick in one spot, which means that you can create a strong ambush. If you are fleeing, then you should leave Stickybombs behind you. Thanks to this, you will be able to “burn the bridges” by detonating them.

Master Demoman Jumps

These are also known as sticky jumps, and they allow you to easily propel yourself behind opponents lines. This way you can destroy your unsuspecting enemies from either the rear or above. To do the sticky jump:

  • Place one or two stickybombs on the ground (to jump up) or on the wall (to propel yourself in a direction) - the more you place, the higher you’ll jump, but you should also watch out for too much damage (placing three stickybombs may turn out fatal);

  • Move towards your stickybombs, gaining enough momentum to really throw yourself up;

  • Right when you’re above the stickybombs, you must rapidly do the following sequence - spacebar -> ctrl -> right mouse button or jump -> crouch -> detonate in order to launch yourself over a great distance.

Don’t Forget about Melee

Demoman in TF2

Demoman is extremely effective when it comes to melee, with additional benefits, such as charged dashing capabilities and longer-ranged melee weapons. At the same time, you should try to use ambush tactics to use the mentioned advantages effectively so that your attacks are unexpected. But don’t forget to also switch weapons to avoid potential self-damage.

Obtain the Fire Immunity with Chargin’ Targe

A Demoman with a Chargin’ Targe becomes well-resistant to explosions and burns. With this “vintage” shield in your hands, you may as well withstand a critical rocket launcher shot. On top of that, there is a charging ability that should also help save your life in sticky situations (press right mouse button to charge, but be careful as the charge is quite rapid and may be problematic to control).

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