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How to Play Heavy in TF2

Heavy is the largest class in the Team Fortress game. He is very boisterous and loud. Despite having the best health, he still relies on Medics and Engineers for support. TF2 Heavy tips are necessary and popular these days because the game is now free of charge. It means that everyone who obtains a Steam account can access it. However, the game can seem to be intimidating to those who have never played it. In this article, the focus is on the Heavy. This character is a giant Russian man that has a big grin, a big gun, and exciting lines in the game. So, keep on reading to learn more about playing Heavy.

Heavy’s Key Features

If you decide to buy TF2 skins, and your option is Heavy, then you should know that he is the brute. He is the one who needs to be in the midst of the fight with his gun firing and killing all the enemies. Heavy obtains the highest health and the highest damage output. He also has a gun that can decimate enemies not only at short range but at the medium as well. When learning how to play Heavy from a TF2 beginners guide, you will see that his huge health pool implies survival for an extremely long period of time.

He can also quickly recover by hiding behind some cover and eating a chocolate bar or a sandwich. The only weakness that Heavy has is his big head and slow speed. The reason is that it takes some time for his minigun to spin up and kill enemies. Moreover, the walk slows down even more when he is firing. Having this big head and back also implies that Heavy is an easy target for sniper headshots, and it can kill in a moment if fully charged. Another threat is back-stabs from the Spy, and it can immediately kill him.

heavy tf2

Having chosen Heavy, you can spool the gun, and you need to hold down the right button to do that. His walk will also become a bit slower, which is helpful if you know that the enemies will appear soon. If you are going to attack, then Heavy should not be far from the action, and he should never fight alone. The thing is that he is vulnerable to being overwhelmed if there is no one nearby. It means that your character should wait until one of the team members appears to make any push. If there is a Medic with you, you can defeat more enemies so that other team members can easily flow through. In the case of payload maps, attacking Heavies need to be near the little Kart.

You should also consider that a Heavy is best teamed with a Medic or Engineer. The dispenser of an Engineer is able to both refill the Heavy`s minigun and heal him, which implies that he will never stop firing.

The Best TF2 Heavy Tips for Winning

There is a brief TF2 Heavy guide below, which contains a few tips. The thing is that if you play him wrong, then you may think that Heavy is boring and no skill is required to play him. In fact, the The Best Heavy Weapons make him one of the most powerful characters in the game. So, keep on reading to learn a few great tips.

tf2 heavy tips

Try to Become Faster

As mentioned before, Heavy happens to be a quite slow class. You can solve this issue with the help of the gloves quickly. However, your character will be marked for death for a short period of time if you equip them in the game. Consequently, you should utilize them only if you are sure that there are no enemies nearby. It is also necessary to make sure that Heavy is equipped with a minigun if you are going to engage your enemy. Thus, the mark of death will be gone by the time you start the action.

Hide to Survive

Heavies can be easily killed by Snipers. If you turn out to be in an open space, then you will definitely be killed. Therefore, you should always be near the hiding spots and walls. If you do that, it will be much harder for your enemies to reach you. Do not forget that you are an easy aim for opponents.

Keep Near Your Medic

Remember that you can do massive damage if you are in a team with Medic. Your Heavy should also have the Sandwich, which can heal him. It is also necessary to keep in mind that Scouts or Soldiers will do their best to kill your Medic. That is why you should scan the surroundings for enemies that may be a threat to your Medic or you.

Try to Kill Enemies Behind You

heavy in tf2

This piece of advice may make you feel like a hacker. If there are enemies in front of you, your Heavy is not likely to stay alive for more than three seconds. The reason is that Spies will be behind you, while you are busy dealing with others. You need to turn completely around and shoot enemies behind you.

Practice Aim

The last tip here is to practice aim because it is one of the most difficult things to learn. If you manage to do it, then your Heavy will become unstoppable. You can practice hitscan classes to improve this skill. The reason is that your Heavy’s success depends a lot on how quickly he can kill opponents.

As you can see from this guide, Heavy is fun to play if you know how to do it. Using these TF2 Heavy tips, you will never think that this character is boring. Instead, you will quickly realize that it is one of the best classes to play if done properly. If you want something new, you can trade, buy, or sell TF2 skins right here, on DMarket. Thanks to getting the best cheap TF2 skins the game can become even more exciting.

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