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How to Play Sniper in TF2

The Sniper is a cruel and cunning shooter. On the battlefield, the main task of the Sniper is to remove strategically important enemy targets from the game. The class Sniper is extremely effective in ranged combat and rather weak in melee (however, in this case, he can use Kukri or a Submachine Gun for defense and attack). That is why it is convenient for him to lie down in a hard-to-reach place on some hill, from where he can easily shoot enemies. Find out more about the traits of this character - below we share with you the most useful TF2 Sniper tips.

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Why Is It Worth Playing as a Sniper?

The Sniper is a class that provides long range support by eliminating primary targets. The Sniper is one of two classes that can fire a headshot, with the other being the Spy. A headshot guarantees a critical hit, which is most often fatal.

The Sniper is superior to other classes in destroying enemies at long distances. His headshot capability allows him to deal serious damage to opponents before they can get close. The main targets for a Sniper are other Snipers, Medics, Heavies and Engineers.

tf2 sniper gameplay

At the same time, the Sniper is one of the weakest classes in close combat and is often the target for classes acting alone, such as the Scout and Spy. Being left without the help of his comrades-in-arms, the Sniper will probably be killed. A good Sniper player supports his team from behind, often changes his position, and is aware of his surroundings.

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The Best 5 TF2 Sniper Tips for Winning

Below you will learn our best 5 tips on how to play Sniper TF2.

tf2 sniper tips

Know Your Arsenal

Each Sniper has 10 Primary weapons, 7 Secondary weapons, and 15 - Melee. But the most often-used ones are a 25-bullet sniper rifle (primary weapon), SMG - a medium-range secondary weapon, and a kukri - a melee weapon. There is other arsenal available, but the path to it is through achievements and loot chests.

For example, the Sniper can change his weaponry for the Huntsman, the Jarate (it can be used as a secondary weapon) and the Razorback, which protects against stabs in the back.

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Use the Rifle Correctly

The sniper rifle is a very powerful weapon that is ideal for long range operations. Just one shot to the head with a sniper rifle can be lethal. By the way, it is best to choose the head as a target. Headshot immediately kills a Medic, Scout, Engineer, Spy and other Snipers. To kill a Heavy, Soldier, Demomen or Pyro, you need a Charged Shot. A full charge takes 3.3 seconds.

When it comes to aiming, it is recommended not to look through the scope all the time in order to have an understanding of what is happening on the battlefield. When you look through the scope, the field of view narrows, and the speed of movement slows down. At the same time, a small red dot appears on the target, which indicates your intentions.

Help Your Teammates

Despite the fact that shooting at enemies is your main task, you should also support your companions. If you see a friend and foe fighting, help the first one. Do not waste time identifying Spy and do not get involved in duels with an enemy Sniper, because all this will prevent you from helping the team and distract from the main gameplay. This recommendation is especially useful on maps like 2Fort, where the structure of the map seems to deliberately push enemy snipers against each other.

Just remember: your job is to cover your teammates and keep yourself out of the bullets. If you want to kill, then choose the Medic and Heavy as your targets.

If You Run Out of Live Targets, Shoot at the Buildings

sniper gameplay tf2

Out of live living opponents? Enemy buildings could be also your potential targets. A Sniper, if he has no obstacles, can break a level 1 turret with just one fully charged shot. The main thing is not to become a victim for another sniper while you are on your mission.

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Watch out for Snipers and Spies

Remember that you may be targeted by another Sniper. Move erratically, sneak or jump from a seated position. The faster and more unpredictable you move, the harder it is for the Sniper to hit you. Also, look around as often as possible so as not to get a knife in the back from the enemy Spy, who will instantly kill you. Also note that Spies will behave suspiciously, so feel free to attack any players passing by you. Remember that even if you stand with your back against the wall, it will not protect you from a Spy armed with a revolver.

Hearing will help you to protect yourself - the effects of disguise and invisibility used by the Spy, when deactivated, produce a characteristic sound that will warn you of danger. Also, if you cannot get through a player on your team, know that this is a disguised spy.

Just follow these simple tips and you will be the best comrade for your team. You can buy TF2 skins for all TF2 characters and Sniper skins in particular on DMarket.

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