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How to Play Medic in TF2

TF2 is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter team games in the world. To verify that this is true, you can look at our article on how many people play TF2. Medic is one of two TF2 classes that is always available to players in Competitive Mode, regardless of the strategy and tactics you’ve chosen. However, only Medic is endowed with the ÜberCharge ability, making him the most effective character in terms of support and instant offense. You can also find out more about all TF2 characters before getting to the best five winning TF2 Medic tips.

Why Is It Worth Playing as a Medic?

Medic is a genius who both heals and harms his charges without adhering to professional ethics. Medic will always find a use for his Syringe Gun and Bonesaw. By the way, this is the only support class in TF2 that is endowed with regeneration abilities. In particular, Medic can heal soldiers, and they, in turn, can call him by shouting “Medic!”. And yes, Medic is able not only to replenish the health of his comrades, but also to increase it by up to 150%, as well as give bonuses. The more the ally is wounded, the faster Medic accumulates an ÜberCharge, healing him or her.

Playing Medic in TF2

The list of primary weapons available to Medic includes a Syringe Gun, a Blutsauger, a Crusader’s Crossbow, and an Overdose. However, the Medic’s main weapon is a Syringe Gun. When this gun is aimed at a comrade, they receive an additional bonus up to 150% of their maximum health. After Medic stops healing, this bonus will slowly taper off to the maximum health for that particular patient’s class. This effect is called overheating.

As the treatment progresses, the ÜberCharge strip on the Medic’s screen gradually fills up to 100%, and it fills up faster the more injured the patient is. A Syringe Gun with a fully accumulated charge always blinks to signal readiness. Activating an ÜberCharge grants Medic and his Patient a bonus lasting 8 seconds. Which one depends on the type of Medi Gun.

And, of course, Medic is able to regenerate his own health: the more he is out of combat, the faster his health is restored. Injured Medic regains his health at a rate of 3 units per second; this speed increases to 6 units per second for the next 10 seconds. But if he is armed with a Blutsauger, then the recovery rate is reduced from 3-6 to 1-4 units.

You can learn more about the game features with our TF2 beginners guide.

The Best TF2 Medic Tips for Winning

Now is the time to learn how to play Medic TF2 in character as efficiently as possible.

top 5 tips for playing Medic in TF2

Follow the Medic’s Main Goal - Stay Alive

The most important thing for a Medic is to stay alive. If Medic is alive, then he is always able to support his team and prepare an ÜberCharge. This character almost never attacks first. In order to protect him, there are special players. The Medic’s worst enemy is the Scout. He is fast enough to kill Medic with two shots. Therefore, Medic should always inform the defensive player about the spotted enemy in time. If there is no one to help Medic, he has to fight back himself.

Ask Companions for First Ad Kits

Because for ordinary players it’s hard to restore health themselves, they have to leave first aid kits for Medic, who will heal them at his hands. That’s why when playing Medic, it’s necessary to look for these subjects.

Heal Everyone, Especially Seriously Injured Players

Medic must provide medical assistance to all injured players (possibly from the side of several allies at once). This helps to build up the charge as quickly as possible in order to be able to heal as many companions as possible and quickly recover from injuries himself. If there are no wounded nearby then, as an option, Medic can heal allies with full health. Even though overhealing brings less than a percentage of ÜberCharge, Medic should still help his allies.

Give Priority to Demomen and Pyro

Healing allies is very important for the Medic. At the start of each round, Medic must heal his allies, especially Pyros and Demomen. For example, the Demoman expends a lot of health while jumping with his Stickybomb. The more the Demoman gets health from Medic, the faster he gets to the point. Healing scouts and soldiers is also useful in terms of strategy.

Be Especially Careful on Capture the Flag Mode

TF2 Medic gameplay

Playing in this mode, it is extremely important for Medic to look around and beware of attack. The loss of Medic to the defending team can result in the loss of a control point or a complete defeat in the round. If the defenders have a soldier with a Sentry Gun mounted, it will be safer for Medic to stay close to the turret. This tactic will protect him from the attack of enemy scouts.

Following these simple rules will help you get the most out of your team, and don’t forget to check out the best weapons for Medic - you will definitely need them. On DMarket you can buy TF2 skins for all TF2 characters or sell them if they are no longer needed.

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