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How to Play Engineer in TF2

TF2 is one of the best multiplayer team video games in the genre of the first-person shooter. The Engineer is the most difficult class in TF2 because it requires special skills. Beginners often ask how to play Engineer TF2 correctly? The main goal of an Engineer is to help the team and improve its performance by creating buildings. In his arsenal, the Engineer has almost everything to provide help to his allies at any time. Being an Engineer, you are defenseless and weak, so at any moment convenient for the enemy, they can kill you. Allies should cover the Engineer well to preserve the buildings, which are very reliable defenses. In today’s article, we have collected useful TF2 Engineer tips to improve your skills.

By the way, if you are a beginner to the TF2 world, you should take into account our TF2 guide for beginners.

Why Is It Worth Playing as an Engineer?

The Engineer is the best team player of all. Thanks to the Engineer and his buildings, the team becomes stronger both in defense and in the attack. The main feature of the character is constant communication with the entire team of allies. The Engineer has the ability to build a Sentry Gun - a combat turret, a Dispenser - a supply building, and a Teleport for fast travel. A Sentry Gun is an automated structure that can aim and shoot an enemy that moves into its area of ​​effect. The Dispenser will restore health, metal, and ammunition to teammates. The Teleport will instantly transfer friends from one place on the map to another, making it possible to join the battle seconds after they appear.

TF2 Engineer

To build any building you need metal. All buildings have 3 levels of pumping, starting from 1 upon construction. Each level costs 200 pieces of metal. With each level of construction, they increase their characteristics and offer even more protection. Metal can be obtained from Ammo Boxes, Dispensers, Locksmith Debris, or a Cabinet. To quickly build a building, you need to quickly hit it with a wrench. In the same way, you can repair the buildings of the team, as well as beat opponents.

The Sentry Gun is the most important building of the Engineer, because it provides a fire attack to control the occupied territory. Impressive damage, good durability, and considerable size are the main characteristics of the turret. There are several nuances to using a turret. First, the Sentry Gun’s attacking range is limited. Secondly, it can hit an ally if he is between construction and the enemy. The Dispenser heals players who are close to it and gives metal to players. To make the teleport work, you need to build an entrance and an exit.

The Best 5 TF2 Engineer Tips for Winning

Take a look at the best 5 winning tips to learn how to play Engineer TF2 better!

top 5 tips for playing engineer in TF2

Stick with Your Team

The most important tip for today is to stick with your team and not go ahead of your allies. The Engineer is defenseless and requires special protection from his team. Shotgun and pistol are among the best TF2 Engineer weapons. The character uses them mainly for defence. The wrench can also be a weapon. Generally, it is very easy to kill an Engineer. Thus, you should stay away from the battlefield. Moreover, the death of an Engineer is a very big loss for the team, because all buildings disappear.

Arrange Buildings Correctly

If you want your buildings to be useful to the team, do not try to put them on an open battlefield, because they will be quickly destroyed by enemies. You should put the Teleport entrance next to the exit from the respawn, because the only enemy who can destroy the building is the one who made his way very close to the team. The Teleport exit point should be convenient for your allies and invisible. It is better to place the Dispenser near the Sentry Gun, but not make it an easy target for destruction.

Interact with Other Engineers

Show solidarity with other Engineers. Do not steal metal from distributors, do not take supply boxes, and do not put your turrets next to their ones. If another Engineer starts making buildings near you, move to another location. Make concessions to them, because you are united by one goal - to help the team.

Knock on the Building with a Wrench

TF2 gameplay

For example, by knocking on a Sentry Gun, you improve its characteristics, and in exchange, you get a valuable resource - metal. By acquiring new levels, the building gets new opportunities for defense or attack and 20% health. By the way, a wrench can be your weapon and help you to defeat the enemy.

Monitor the Condition of Buildings

It is very important not only to create the building correctly, but also to repair them in good time. If the Engineer misses an opportunity to repair the building and the enemy destroys it, this will create an extreme situation, because it is a threat to a team. Try to constantly be on the lookout and help your team. Otherwise, the enemy with their powerful skins can destroy your team. By the way, you should learn more about the best cheap TF2 skins you can use to become the winner.

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