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TF2 Pyro Guide | How to Play Pyro in TF2

The variety of characters in Team Fortress 2 helps players to choose the best option that suits their desires and skills. One of the most mysterious characters in the game is Pyro, because he is always silent and keeps secrets. The Pyro is a class of attackers in the game and their role is to quickly and deftly enter the rear of enemies without the possibility of their survival. It is not a problem to learn how to play Pyro even if you are playing for the first time. If you are a beginner in Team Fortress 2 and want to begin playing with a powerful and unpredictable character, you should pay attention to this character. We have collected the best TF2 Pyro tips to make your game experience better and give you more positive emotions. Today’s article is going to be useful both for TF2 newbies and lovers.

By the way, it is very important to learn about all game features in advance to improve your chances of winning. Pay attention to our TF2 guide for beginners!

Why Is It Worth Playing as a Pyro?

For many TF2 players, Pyro is the most exciting character. Being the most mysterious and silent, this character does not even give information about his gender. Almost every beginner TF2 player chooses Pyro for the first time, because this class doesn’t require special skills and can be easily played by newbies.

TF2 Pyro Gameplay

The first and foremost weapon of the Pyro is the Flame Thrower. He has 200 ammunition that does not require reloading and is always ready to set fire to the enemy. The damage depends on the distance between your weapon and the enemy. The closer the enemy is, the higher the damage. If you shoot at point-blank range, you will be able to deal 150 points of damage, while from a long-distance range it’s about 92 damage. The Flame Thrower can create an afterburn effect on enemies, which lasts 10 seconds and takes another 60 damage.

By the way, among the capabilities of the flamethrower, the Compression Blast is most distinguished. Players use this function by pressing the right button. One charge takes 20 units of fuel. Compression Blast deflects projectiles, extinguishes allies, and knocks back opponents. If you want to diversify your game life and try new weapons with interesting features and opportunities, you should buy TF2 skins.

You can also take a look at additional guns such as the Flare Gun, Detonator, Reserve Shooter, or Scorch Shot. There are many other best TF2 Pyro weapons that have special features and will suit different needs.

The main thing is to choose the best equipment that will suit your needs. You can choose the best weapon if you take a closer look at the best cheap TF2 skins. There is a huge list of different equipment and you will definitely find the best weapon!

The Best TF2 Pyro Tips

We have collected the best TF2 Pyro tips to improve your game experience and make your life easier. Follow our tips below to become the best player in all of Team Fortress 2!

TF2 Pyro Tips

Use Axtinguisher with a Compression Blast

This is a fairly popular combination that is a win-win for you when killing an enemy. First, we set the enemy on fire, knock him up with Compressing Blast, and then quickly change the weapon to Axtinguisher and kill him. It is better to use a Degreaser, because it allows you to change the weapon faster.

Do Not Show Yourself to Enemies if You Are Far Away from Them

Since all players know that your Flame Thrower is a melee weapon and you will not damage them if you are far away, enemies will avoid contact with you. Try not to show enemies that you want to attack them if you are far away. They will easily leave, moreover, they can kill you. It is best to attack from around corners.

Try to Disorientate the Enemy

Every player tries to survive and win, so if you are going to set him on fire, he will shoot you with a weapon. Point-blank shots usually do a lot of damage and can easily kill you. For this reason, try to spin as fast as possible and walk around the enemy to make it harder for him to hit you.

Help Your Allies to Fight a Fire

TF2 Pyro Gameplay

Use Compression Blast to help your allies fight the fire. This will help not only with fire, but also restore 20 health points. It is worth remembering that Compression Blast requires 20 supplies (depending on the selected weapon).

Watch out for Spy

The Spy is one of the most popular TF2 characters that can knock you off your feet. The Engineer, Medic, and Sniper are the easiest targets for the Spy class. If you see this character, try to set him on fire or use tip #1 on our list.

We hope today’s TF2 Pyro guide is useful for you and will improve your skills. Follow these tips in order to become the best Pyro player in TF2.

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