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The Best Pyro Weapons in TF2

The Pyro is one of many classes that you can choose to play in Team Fortress 2. He is famous for his affinity for fire and keeping silent. The Pyro is weak at long distances, but this does not prevent him from catching enemies by surprise and setting fire to everything in his path. To complete his main missions in the game, he needs an arsenal of weapons, as any other character does. That’s why today we’re going to look at the best Pyro weapons. Let’s start!

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Backburner TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Backburner is a primary weapon for the Pyro class in Team Fortress 2 which can be unlocked by all players. In essence, the Backburner is the same as the default flame thrower with the nozzle shaped like a dragon’s head and featuring team-based colors. The Backburner will heal you 20HP when extinguishing allies, will reduce healing and Medi Gun effects by 20%, and will always critically hit when attacking an enemy from behind. To counterbalance this, its airblasts cost more ammo and the Backburner can’t perform random critical hits.

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For more information about the Pyro class, as well as additional Pyro tips and tricks, take a look at our Pyro guide.


Degreaser TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Degreaser was created by the community and looks to be made of a gas pump, car parts, a fire extinguisher and stove top burner, thus the name. Just like the Backburner, the Degreaser will heal you for the same amount when extinguishing allies and will reduce Medi Gun healing and shields by 20%, but in addition to that, it has a 50% faster switch-to speed and a 30% faster switch-from speed. Its drawbacks are that airblasts cost 25% more ammo and its afterburn deals 66% less damage.

Buy Degreaser Team Fortress 2 has gained a large player base over the years and is one of the most popular games to this day, but the number of players can fluctuate so to find out just how many players are playing Team Fortress 2 check out this post.


Phlogistinator TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.54

The Phlogistinator, also commonly known as the Phlog, is a primary weapon for the Pyro class in Team Fortress 2. The weapon itself is a retro-futuristic raygun that somewhat resembles a blunderbuss and fires waves of energy that work exactly like the flames of the flamethrower.

While the Phlogistinator can’t perform random critical hits and can’t fire blasts of compressed air, its afterburn effect does reduce healing and shields by 20%. It also gains the ability to fire guaranteed critical hits for a short period of time upon dealing 300 fire damage.

Buy Phlogistinator


Rainblower TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.04

Rainblower is a primary weapon for the Pyro class that looks like a series of yellow and silver horns connected with by series of pipes. The weapon appears to be firing bubbles to all players who are in Pyroland. To all others, the weapon looks like a regular flame thrower. Aside from the advantages that all flame throwers offer, the Rainblower allows the player to visit Pyroland with its only drawback being the fact that it can only be used there.

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Getting into a game can be very difficult, especially if you are a beginner and the game has been around for as long as Team Fortress 2 has. That’s why you are bound to find something useful in our TF2 guide for beginners.

Flare Gun

Flare Gun TF2
  • Type: Secondary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Flare Gun itself is very simplistic in terms of design and is nothing more than a team-colored flare gun with a flared barrel. In terms of advantages, it guarantees critical hits on all burning targets and can be fired into the water to damage enemies however, the afterburn effect will not be applied.

Buy Flare Gun


Detonator TF2
  • Type: Secondary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Detonator was created by the community and looks like a flare gun that has been modified with an elongated barrel and a curved sight, apparently held together only by straps of tape. When it comes to its unique abilities, it shares them with the regular flare gun, however, it has a 50% of dealing explosion damage to the user and a 25% damage penalty.

Buy Detonator


The Powerjack TF2
  • Type: Melee Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Powerjack is one of many weapons in Pyro’s arsenal that was added to TF2 way back in 2010. This community-created melee weapon seems to have been created by attaching an old car jack to a car battery, held together by brown leather straps.

The Powerjack has the same damage output as the Fire Axe, however, when a player kills an opponent with it, he or she is awarded 25 points of health. The weapon also grants the user a 15% speed bonus when it is being actively used. To counterbalance all this, the player takes an additional 20% of all incoming damage when using The Powerjack.

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This was our list of the best TF2 Pyro weapons. Lack of money? Take advantage of selling TF2 items right here, on DMarket. Your items will definitely come in handy for someone else.

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