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The Best TF2 Scout Weapons

The Best TF2 Scout Weapons

The Scout is the perfect choice for quickly completing assigned missions. He is the fastest mercenary on the battlefield, this strength allows him to leave opponents far behind, and a double jump helps him navigate the terrain and dodge oncoming projectiles.

The Scout has his own set of weapons and skins like other TF2 characters, and today we’re going to cover the best TF2 Scout weapons.

The Best TF2 Scout Weapons

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1. Force-A-Nature

TF2 Force-A-Nature
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.04

The Force-A-Nature, also commonly known as FaN is a primary weapon for the Scout that can be unlocked. The weapon itself looks like a big double-barreled shotgun that has been sawed off and has a foregrip and a stock made out of wood. The FaN knocks back opponents on impact and can be used to prolong any and all kinds of jumping abilities. In terms of special modifiers, the Force-A-Nature fires 50% faster and fires 20% more pellets per shot. To counterbalance this, it has a smaller clip size and deals 10% less damage per pellet.

2. Shortstop

TF2 Shortstop
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.03

The Shortstop sports the appearance of a small four-barreled pistol that has been fitted with pearl grips. The Shortstop can push enemies away with its secondary attack, has a 42% faster firing speed, and deals 100% more damage per pellet. However, this pistol also has 60% fewer pellets and has a smaller clip size.

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3. Soda Popper

TF2 Soda Popper
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.03

Soda Popper was created by the community and is very similar to the Force-A-Nature shotgun but has a few black bands placed around it as well as a can of Crit-a-Cola fitted under the barrel. The Soda Popper has a 25% faster reloading speed as well as a 50% faster firing rate which is countered by a 66% smaller clip size.

4. Back Scatter

TF2 Back Scatter
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.03

The Back Scatter is a community-created primary weapon for the Scout. In essence, it is a modified lever-action shotgun with a single barrel, a wooden handle and a dual small shell drum. The Back Scatter lives up to its name with its unique ability to minicrit targets when they are shot at from behind at close range. To contrast this, the weapon has a smaller clip size, larger bullet spread and can’t do random critical hits.

Team Fortress 2 is a game that is always evolving and features a wide variety of classes and weapons to choose from, each of them having its own unique mechanics and playstyles. With so much going on from the very start, it can be difficult to get a good grasp of things, to a point that it can put off some new players. To learn more about how Team Fortress 2 works, check out our how to play Team Fortress 2 guide.

5. Crit-a-Cola

TF2 Crit-a-Cola
  • Type: Secondary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

Crit-a-Cola, also known as Bonk, was produced by a company called Bonk!, it is essentially a purple can that contains radioactive cola that can be ingested by the Scout in order to gain its buffs and debuffs. When ingested, the user gains the ability to perform mini-crits with any weapon, however, this is contrasted by gaining the Marked for Death debuff for five seconds.

6. Mad Milk

TF2 Mad Milk
  • Type: Secondary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.09

The Mad Milk is a secondary weapon that can be used by the Scout in Team Fortress 2. Essentially, it is a bottle filled with white liquid which, according to the description, is a non-milk substance and can be thrown at both enemies and friends alike. When used, the Mad Milk covers a large area and extinguishes and cools down allies in case they have been set on fire. In addition to being used to extinguish fires, allies that are affected with Mad Milk will heal by the amount of damage that they manage to deal while under the effect of the milk.

As we have already mentioned, Team Fortress 2 has a wide variety of classes to choose from, and each of them has its own unique abilities as well as advantages and disadvantages when performing certain actions. To figure out which one of them is the perfect fit for you, check out our guide on Team Fortress 2 classes.

7. Mutated Milk

TF2 Mutated Milk
  • Type: Secondary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $2.76

In essence, it is a jar of milk that has a Bread Monster trapped inside. The Mutated Milk functions the same way as the Mad Milk, however, upon impact, it releases the Bread Monster that attacks the target. These monsters can be accumulated on the target if it is hit multiple times and will linger at the target’s corpse for ten seconds after their death.

For more information about the Scout class, as well as additional Scout tips and tricks, take a look at our TF2 Scout guide.

In case you’re not a fan of Scout, we have more list with the best TF2 weapons for other characters:

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