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The Best TF2 Sniper Weapons

The Best TF2 Sniper Weapons

Originally from the lost country of New Zealand and raised in the Australian wilderness, the Sniper is a brutal and calculating marksman. On the battlefield, the primary role of the Sniper is to remove strategically essential targets of the enemy from the game, using his sniper rifle and aiming directly at the head, instantly killing any enemy. This article will focus on the best TF2 Sniper weapons that help him win and achieve the main goals. But before we get into it, we recommend you to look at the guide on How to Play Sniper in TF2.

The Best TF2 Sniper Weapons

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1. Bazaar Bargain

Bazaar Bargain TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.20

The Bazaar Bargain is a primary weapon that every sniper player desires. Added in June 2011, the Bazaar Bargain is a part of the Lawrence of Australia set and consists of a long curved wooden base that is ornately decorated with carvings and has a thin, long iron barrel attached to it with straps made out of solid gold. It also comes with a golden recoil pad and is equipped with a laser sight - just what every respectable sniper needs to do his job properly. As an added bonus, the weapon comes with a headshot attunement, meaning that the more headshots you can score, the faster the zoom charge rate.

2. Machina

Machina TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Machina is a weapon truly fit for a sniper and is a very popular choice among players. The Machina sports a futuristic appearance that is based on a sniper rifle from the popular video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It comes with a fluted barrel as well as a soft grip and many consider it a very powerful weapon due to its ability to eliminate a player with a single fully charged shot. An added bonus is the fact that the Machina fires penetrating bullets that deal an additional 15% damage, however, it can’t be fired without scoping first.

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3. Hitman’s Heatmaker

Hitman’s Heatmaker TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Hitman’s Heatmaker is a sniper rifle that is very common among TF2 Sniper players, and while it is somewhat shorter and stubbier when compared to other sniper rifles, the simple yet sleek design of the weapon makes it very popular. The Hitman’s Heatmaker comes equipped with a laser sight as well as a silencer, but what truly makes this weapon unique is the focus mode. While using this weapon, players will see a small focus bar fill up which allows them to activate focus mode. Once activated, this will allow players to fire shots without having to zoom out which will result in a much faster firing rate. The weapon will also fire tracer rounds in this mode and any and all kills or assists will refill the bar which means that in theory, players will never have to leave this mode. However, the Hitman’s Heatmaker comes with a downside as well which includes 20% less damage when hitting body shots, but if you are skilled enough to mitigate this, then the Hitman’s Heatmaker might be the weapon for you.

4. Sydney Sleeper

Sydney Sleeper TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Sydney Sleeper is a common choice among TF2 sniper players and while it perhaps doesn’t do as much damage as other weapons on this list, where it somewhat lacks in damage, it certainly more than makes up for it in utility. The rifle itself is essentially a dart shooter sporting feathers at the front of the barrel, as well as spare darts at its stock. Like any other sniper rifle, it has a scope and a very fast zoom. It also has the ability to apply the Jarate effect to the enemy, does mini crits with a headshot, and can easily extinguish allies that are on fire by shooting them.

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5. Huntsman

Huntsman TF2
  • Type: Primary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Huntsman is a primary weapon for the sniper class in TF2, however, it is not a sniper rifle but a bow that when equipped comes with its own quiver and a set of arrows. Since this is not a sniper rifle, the Huntsman doesn’t come with a scope, but in order to make up for that, as well as the smaller ammo capacity, the weapon has a faster charge, can be fired in mid-air, and allows the sniper to move faster compared to other rifles. The Huntsman does deal somewhat lower damage at a distance, and players who wish to use it will have to account for the arrow arc when shooting at long range or otherwise get closer to their target. A friendly Pyro can also set your arrows on fire for more damage, and enemy Pyros can deflect them.

6. Jarate

Jarate TF2
  • Type: Secondary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

Jarate comes in the form of a jar filled with urine and capped with a lid that can be thrown at a designated target with the aim of covering as many people as possible with its contents. While this weapon might sound a bit odd at first, what is great about it is the fact that it works on both allies and enemies alike. When thrown on enemies, they will take mini-crits whenever they are hit while covered with the contents of the jar, and enemy spies that find themselves doused with Jarate will also have their cloak partially nullified. Additionally, allies who are on fire can be extinguished with the contents of Jarate and when doing so successfully, its recharge rate will increase by 20%.

7. Cleaner’s Carbine

Cleaner’s Carbine TF2
  • Type: Secondary Weapon

  • Starting Price: $0.02

The Cleaner’s Carbine comes in the shape of a small submachine gun, completely black with a large suppressor attached to it. While dealing damage with the Cleaner’s Carbine, it slowly charges its Crikey meter, which when full, causes all enemies who are hit within 8 seconds to suffer mini crits. Since this is very powerful, it is counterbalanced by the Carabine having a 20% smaller clip size and 25% reduced firing speed.

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