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An Additional Domain for Lightning-Fast Trading

Access all DMarket features with increased request-per-second limits on

Amid a steady growth of the DMarket platform and our global community, we are happy to introduce an alternate trading gateway on the domain. It is best suited for automated trading due to increased request-per-second (RPS) limits.

For the best platform performance and a smooth trading experience, the number of API-calls to is limited to 3 requests per second. While this limit doesn’t affect most DMarket users, it may have an impact on trading with the use of automated tools and scripts.

If you repeatedly exceed the RPS limit on, the alternate gateway on will help you to pick up the pace of your trading. On this domain, the API-call limit is increased to 10 RPS.

You can switch to automated trading on in two easy steps:

  1. Change the URL of API calls you send to

  2. Make sure the number of requests per single API endpoint does not exceed 10 per second

While best suited for automated trading, is available for all DMarket users. It provides all of the DMarket platform features and doesn’t require an additional registration.

Trade with pace and profits on both and and stay tuned for further updates aimed at enhancing your DMarket experience.

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