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Meet Pad and Kwertie, DMarket Official Mascots

They’ve been hiding from you for too long. It’s time to meet the true heroes of DMarket.

Yin and yang, dark and light, Chip and Dale of the gaming world, they are incompatible yet inseparable.

Transmitting your will to virtual worlds, they turn you from a pathetic viewer to a glorious Player.

For years they’ve been helping you to demolish your online rivals (or, let’s be honest, to be demolished by them). From now on, they will also help you play in style, with the fanciest skins out there (and keep your account balance filled with $$$).

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Pad and Kwertie, our DMarket official mascots.


DMarket Mascot Pad

A big fan of racing and sports, Pad loves to make fun of Kwertie’s lack of speed and agility. A proud traveler, Pad always brags that he’s been all around the room, including the couch, both chairs, the floor and even that freaking plate with half-eaten pasta.


DMarket Mascot Kwertie

A Katowice 2014 veteran with WASD syndrome, Kwertie is crazy about chips, cookies, and other crunchy food. A proud supporter of equal rights, he hates coffee, tea and all other beverages equally.

Just like players from opposite teams, Pad and Kwertie never miss a chance to fight but can’t imagine their lives without each other. Quite soon, it will be hard to imagine DMarket without these guys. They are so excited to be unveiled and will get back to you shortly. Stay tuned!

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