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Meet The New List of Decreased Sell Fees Every Day (API Feature)

What a day - something new is on DMarket and available starting from now. Are you already interested?

What: A new endpoint for our API traders to find the best sell deals

What for: To make trading your items even handier

What is the goal: Sell with lower fees - get more money

How it works: DMarket API traders are now able to get information on the best deals available. The list of the best sell deals will be shown to you for every game separately, in case you have skins of different games such as CS:GO, TF2, DOTA 2, and Rust. You are choosing the needed game - and we are giving you the list of skins with their commissions (both decreased and standard ones).

It is now super easy to get the next information for every Seller:

  • Current fees on selling skins (default, HOT or custom depending on the skin);
  • The item’s hash name;
  • Minimum price of the offer when a decreased fee can be applied;
  • Maximum price of the offer when a decreased fee can be applied;
  • Date due proposal is valid.

Please note: Decreased sell fees for the decided list of skins are always present on DMarket. We update this list on a daily basis, and you can always find it by following this link. We suggest you to check it every day;)

Any special conditions? No, you just need to select a high-demand item in your inventory you want to sell and put it on sale at the recommended price. That is it!

Hope you’ll enjoy the new function of - our team wishes you profitable trades!

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