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DMarket Is Updating Fees for Sellers

We’ve been striving to make our users’ experience with DMarket better and better with each new feature release. Among our latest exciting news:

  • Implemented an affiliate and cashback system for all our users
  • Made our marketplace as one, with the lowest skins prices on the market

And now, meet our new flexible fees system, which allows you to sell skins and get even more profit. This new flexible fee system will be applied from the 31st of March 2021.

Flexible DMarket Bot Fees from 1% to 7%

From now on, you can sell skins with up to 1% fees! Isn’t that great? Remember that you can use our 1% fees offer on particular skins with the 🔥icon🔥.

Face2Face Trading:

Face2Face trading allows users to trade skins without the 7day Steam trade lock, and instantly receive items in your inventory. Face2Face on DMarket is:

  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Fast

And to make it even better - Face2Face trading is now out of Beta testing, so you can enjoy the full functionality of this convenient feature! And since we are moving out of Beta - Face2Face fees will be set at just 5% - one of the lowest on the market!

For API Users:

Consider adjusting your sell offers in terms of the fees setup. You can use these endpoints to adjust your sell offers:

  • /marketplace-api/v1/user-offers/create
  • /marketplace-api/v1/user-offers/edit

We hope that you’ll experience your most profitable trading through DMarket!

Please note: new fees are applicable for newly created sell offers or old sell offers that are managed by you after new fees introduction.

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