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Mastercard Prepaid Cards (via Tipalti) Are Now Available on DMarket

We are constantly expanding services, features, and payment methods present on to make it an even more convenient Marketplace to use. The full list of Deposit/Withdrawal methods can be found on the Balance page.

Today we are happy to announce the launch of one more payment method for DMarket users from 150+ countries, and this article’s purpose is to disclose all the details.

Meet the Mastercard Prepaid Cards from Tipalti!

As our current payout solution partner, Tiplati global payment automation system supports a variety of payment methods including SEPA and SWIFT, PayPal, and now, specially for DMarket users, prepaid cards are also available.

A prepaid debit card is a virtual card that you can pre-load with money, it has 16 digits, an expiration date and CVV, just like a regular card, but is limited to internet purchases only. For every issued prepaid card, Mastercard assigns a Secondary Account Number (SAN), which appears on the Mastercard dashboard after registration. This SAN number will be needed to enter your personal account.

Becoming an owner of an Mastercard gives you access to:

  • Free Withdrawals from DMarket to Interсash Prepaid Cards (we’ll charge you a ZERO FEE);

  • An opportunity to cash-out funds from DMarket to your personal Mastercard Prepaid Card in USD;

  • Using your Mastercard just as any regular virtual card for internet purchases.

How Can I Apply for a Card?

To use the Tipalti Prepaid Debit Card as the payout method you need to be registered in the Tipalti iframe. If you are a registered user, take the following steps:

1. Go to the iframe and select the prepaid debit card payment method, for this visit the ballance page, click on the “Withdraw” button, and choose Mastercard from the list of payment methods (details are shown at the picture below);

intercash dmarket

2. Carefully study the hints you’ll see and press the “Click Here” button at the bottom of the page with instructions. After clicking on it, you will receive an email inviting you to activate your virtual card;

3. In the letter you’ll receive from CardPortal, there will be a code needed to start the activation process. Please, remember this code and click on the “activate account” button;

4. In the opened window, you need to enter this code and your SAN or email to get started;

5. A one-time security code will be sent to your email;

6. After logging in you’ll need to make a final activation of your card. To do this, please provide the personal information and ID data requested to all the empty fields of the opened page, also do not forget to change the Access Code to a new one;

7. Hurray! You are ready to start using your card.

prepaid cards

How Does It Work with DMarket when My Tipalti Prepaid Card Is Activated?

  1. Select Mastercard as the payment option when withdrawing funds from DMarket
  2. Enter the details including the sum
  3. Confirm the payment and move-out funds from your DMarket account easily

Can I Use My MasterCard Card for Further Spending on Other Websites?

Yes, after Withdrawing funds from DMarket to your Tipalti Prepaid Card, you can use it just as a regular card for online payments on any website.

What Are the Fees and Limits?

For Mastercard Prepaid Card Withdrawals DMarket charges you 0%, but please note that there are some internal commissions from Tipatli itself.

  • The per-transaction maximum is 500 USD.

  • The per-transaction fee for depositing your card is 3 USD.

  • There is a 1.95 USD monthly fee for using the card.

For more details, please, follow the CardPortal’s FAQ (the link is active only for registered users of the service).

You can check all the countries where Mastercard Prepaid Cards are available by following the link.

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