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DMarket and Multibanco Make In-Game Items Trading Easy and Accessible

Cosmetic items are a huge part of the gaming experience. Change the appearance of your character or their equipment, and suddenly the whole playing process has a different “taste” It’s the perfect way to express yourself in a multiplayer game.

Trading of such in-game items has become a powerful phenomenon in the gaming community and even beyond. Players can purchase a skin they struggle to get directly in the game, and also, they can earn real money selling items they don’t plan to use. Professional traders make a profitable business in this area, providing a helpful service to the end-users. And everything is possible thanks to trading platforms such as DMarket and payment services such as Multibanco.

Multibanco has been integrated into DMarket’s deposit/payout system, so the process of adding funds and withdrawing cash from the marketplace is easy and quick for Multibanco customers.

And DMarket users have another reliable payment system to power the magic of trading. Multibanco is already available on the platform. Just join the crowd and enjoy the trading process. Multibanco’s got you covered in the technical aspects of payments.

Multibanco is one of the most popular interbank networks in Portugal. Its two distinguishing features are worth highlighting here: reliability and high speed of processing transactions. Thanks to them, Multibanco is a great partner for DMarket. With this collaboration, there are no obstacles for Portuguese gamers to enter the wild and super exciting world of trading in-game cosmetics.

Using this payment method is as easy as can be. All you need to do is:

1. Log in to your DMarket account or Sign up if you don’t have one yet

Log in on DMarket

2. Go to the ‘Balance’ section and choose Portugal as your current location

balance on DMarket

3. Сhoose Multibanco as the payment method

multibanco on DMarket

4. Follow the instructions you see to proceed with Deposit.

Please note: for using this payment method you’ll need to complete the passport control (KYC) if you have not done it before.

Just a few fast and simple steps and you are ready to Deposit your account for buying skins.

Want to get more information about other payment methods?

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