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Skrill/DMarket Terms & Conditions

1. This Campaign is organized by DMarket Inc. (“DMarket”) in cooperation with Skrill USA, Inc. (“Skrill”).

2. By participating in this Campaign, the Eligible Users hereby expressly agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and the decisions made by DMarket and Skrill.

3. Participation in this Campaign is voluntary. By participating in this Campaign, the Eligible Users shall be deemed to have read, understood, agreed and accepted this Terms & Conditions stated herein. The Eligible Users shall also be deemed to have agreed to receive communications via email, phone, SMS and/or app notifications according to DMarket and Skrill privacy policies as disclosed on the websites of each of them.

Campaign Period

4. The Campaign period is 2 (two) weeks. It commences at 0000hr (GMT+_) on __ June 2020 and ends 23:59hr (GMT+__) on __ July 2020, both days inclusive (the “Campaign Period”).

Eligibility to Enter

5. The Campaign is open to all persons that: (i) are registered on DMarket ( and Skrill, AND (ii) have active accounts at both DMarket ( and Skrill (such account(s) have not been suspended or terminated by DMarket or Skrill), and who received email invitation to participate in Campaign, AND (iii) You agree to register by signing-in or logging-in through Your Steam account provided by Valve Corporation (the “Eligible Users”).

6. This Campaign is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts, vouchers or privileges of DMarket and Skrill.

Participation in the Campaign

7. To participate in the Campaign, each Eligible User shall follow instructions she/he receives in email invitation to participate in Campaign and shall deposit not less than $49 (inclusive) to her/his balance on DMarket ( through Skrill within the Campaign Period. For terms & conditions of using their balance on DMarket ( Eligible Users shall refer to

8. Subject to deposit of not less than $49 (inclusive) to DMarket balance on through Skrill, after end of the Campaign Period as indicated in clause 4 herein above, Eligible Users will receive a skin from CS:GO or Dota2 of a kind, value and within the deadlines as shall be selected and determined by DMarket.

9. DMarket reserves the right to reject granting of, or replace/clawback skin from CS:GO or Dota2 granted to Eligible User without prior notice in case of any fraudulent, dishonest and inappropriate, as deemed solely by DMarket.

10. Eligible Users can participate in this Campaign only once. For avoidance of doubt, if Eligible Users deposit not less than $49 to their DMarket balance through Skrill second time within the Campaign Period, such Eligible Users will not be entitled to receive a skin from CS:GO or Dota2.

11. Neither DMarket nor Skrill is responsible for any lost, late or misdirected deposit of DMarket balance through Skrill as described herein above.

12. Eligible Users deposits of not less than $49 to their DMarket balance through Skrill during the Campaign Period are not be refunded.

13. The time of deposit of DMarket balance on through Skrill will be deemed to be the time the Eligible Users initiates the deposit with Skrill.

14. The DMarket and/or Skrill reserves the right, at any time to verify the validity of Eligible Users’ balance deposit on through Skrill (including an Eligible Users’ identity, age and place of residence) and to disqualify any deposit who tampers with the deposit process. Failure by DMarket and/or Skrill to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.

15. Before Eligible Users actually receive CS:GO or Dota2 skins, rights of such Eligible Users to receive CS:GO or Dota2 skin is not exchangeable, refundable or redeemable for cash or other goods or services; it cannot be transferred to any other person. CS:GO or Dota2 skins shall be received by Eligible Users themselves. Subject to these Terms & Conditions, after Eligible Users receive CS:GO or Dota2 skins, such skins can be exchanged or transferred by Eligible Users to any other person.

16. By accepting CS:GO or Dota2 skins, Eligible User agrees to the conditions of its use.

17. DMarket reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions in its discretion without prior notice.

Limitation of Liability and Variation of Terms

18. If any act, omission, event or circumstance occurs which is beyond the reasonable control of DMarket and/or Skrill and which prevents DMarket and/or Skrill from complying with these Terms & Conditions, DMarket and/or Skrill will not be liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations.

19. DMarket and/or Skrill reserves the right (subject to any applicable law) to cancel, terminate, modify, extend or suspend this Campaign in whole or in part.

20. DMarket and/or Skrill, its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees, contractors and agents (the “Protected Persons”) will not be liable for any losses, damages, expenses, costs or personal injuries arising out of this Campaign, the publicity of this Campaign, including but not limited to any breach of these Terms & Conditions, contract or tort (including negligence) and any other common law, equitable or statutory remedy (“Damages”) whatsoever, including but not limited to direct, indirect and consequential Damages, including Damages that cannot reasonably be considered to arise naturally and in the ordinary course of things, even if those Damages were in the contemplation of the Protected Persons.

21. DMarket and/or Skrill shall makes no warranty or representation as to the quality, merchantability and/or the fitness for purpose of CS:GO or Dota2 skin provided and shall not be responsible for any defect or any other loss or damage that may be suffered in connection with CS:GO or Dota2 skin. Any dispute over CS:GO or Dota2 skin provided by DMarket should be resolved directly between Eligible User and CS:GO or Dota2.


22. The names of Eligible Users may be used for promotional purposes by DMarket, unless Eligible User otherwise notifies DMarket at the time of depositing of the required amount to DMarket balance. All Eligible Users to DMarket using personal information provided in connection with this Campaign for the purposes of facilitating the conduct of the promotion and granting CS:GO or Dota2 skin (including to any applicable statutory authorities) and to conduct marketing activities. Without limiting the Eligible Users’ personal information provided in connection with this Campaign will be handled in accordance with DMarket’s and Skrill’s privacy policy, each of which can be found at DMarket and Skrill websites.

Tax Implications

23. DMarket and/or Skrill accept no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise for reveiving CS:GO or Dota2 skin. Independent financial advice should be sought.

Governing Law

24. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of the State of Delaware a and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Delaware.

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