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Get Your Treat: The Detailed Guide on How to Participate

It is almost impossible to imagine a person nowadays who has never heard about Halloween. What’s more, almost everyone has celebrated this holiday at least once. It is hard to explain the popularity of this holiday, but the fact is that among all the existing celebrations, Halloween is second only to Christmas.

Usually, Halloween is celebrated at night on the 31st of October. But in recent years, people all over the world have started loving this atmosphere so much that the Halloween celebration is now not only limited to one day. Mostly it begins in the middle of October and is held until early November.

The most common Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, participating in spooky costume parties, creating jack-o’-lanterns, pranking, watching horror films, decorating surroundings, etc.

Halloween Is Coming … Halloween Is Coming …


Of course, we have decided not to abandon such traditions and to start the new Get Your Treat promo with a giveaway of spooky and terrifying CS:GO gifts.

The giveaway promises to be a grandiose event, and what’s more, we’ve divided it into three separate parts. What do they have in common? Giveaways of awesome prizes, of course. What are the differences between them? Ways to win prizes and the prizes themselves.

Get Your Treat The Get Your Treat promo is valid from October 21 to November 10 inclusive. The concept is this: Halloween treats have been carefully hidden within the DMarket metaverse, and you have 3 possible options to find them:





How to Win a TOP CS:GO Knife by Exchanging Skins on DMarket

Exchange any skins on DMarket* to become one of the participants. There will be a special giveaway among the top exchangers of We will be giving away 3 main prizes:

The more exchange operations are carried out, the greater your chances of winning one of the TOP skins. We will be giving away one knife once a week - according to the “league of winners” table on the promo’s page. Also, be sure you’ve pressed the “Get a Treat” button on the top of the Get Your Treat page, otherwise your transactions won’t count

Please note: money earned through the exchange operations can only be spent on the purchase of skins on

How to Win Prizes by Surfing Our Social Media and Blog

Every day we communicate with you on social media, and this time we have decided to hide special surprises in the form of promo codes. Go through the content we release on a daily basis. The first user to find one of these codes is guaranteed to receive a prize at the same time.

How to Win CS:GO Skins by Playing Our New Map

By the end of October we will have released a new Halloween-related CS:GO map. Keep updated to find out when it goes live and check it out to find our hidden treats.

To receive a prize for this part of the promo, you need to play our new map and surf it searching for treats and hints. If everything is done correctly, a QR code appears. Scan the code, and you will be redirected to a Google form in order to leave your email. Among all collected emails, a drawing of promo codes for free skins will be held.

How Will the Prizes Be Gifted to the Winners?

All the winners will be notified via email. It may take a while for the rewards to be delivered, but every winner is guaranteed to receive their winnings:

  • Knife skins will be added to DMarket inventories of the corresponding winners after the end of the giveaway.
  • Raffle winners of those who found the QR code while map playing will take place at random, skins will be added to DMarket inventories of the corresponding winners after the end of the giveaway.
  • Users who found promo codes and were first to activate them are guaranteed to get the gifts right after doing so.

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