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The Most Expensive Dota 2 Items

Do you enjoy expensive things in your life? So many people like surrounding themselves with a luxurious atmosphere, purchasing quality and unique stuff. And some gamers do that in the virtuality of their favourite games too — for example, by purchasing the most expensive Dota 2 items.

Some might say that this is a rather pointless activity. These items are strictly cosmetic, they do not affect the abilities of your heroes. We would respond that cool items certainly affect your mood in Dota 2 and therefore directly boost your success in the game.

Some might say that it’s frustrating to invest in non-real things. Well, digital inventories bring totally real money. Those DMarket users who are familiar with our Dota 2 market know for sure how profitable the investment in rare in-game items might be.

So, if no one else has any sceptical ideas (please, don’t), let us finally enjoy this selection of the most expensive Dota 2 items. Imagine having such things in your inventory, using them for The Best Dota 2 Heroes to Win, and shining with your exceptional style while destroying all opponents in super tense matches!

1. Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog

Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog
  • Price: $1,700-$1,800

It’s the Dota 2 most expensive item in history! In general, legacy couriers are quite valuable as they are useful in the game. Players love to have them as they are unique, and many of them like them as Flames Wardogs. This specific item is super unique. The dog is surrounded by unusual flames, atypical for Dota 2 color patterns.

2. Unusual Golden Baby Roshan

Unusual Golden Baby Roshan
  • Price: $1,700-$1,800

Standard Baby Roshans are rather cheap couriers, but their colorful versions surprisingly cost a lot of money. Unusual Golden Baby Roshan is one of such variants. The creature is covered with golden particles and looks really nice. It might complement your general style! Consider other options for your Baby Roshan too, such as Desert Sand and Jade.

3. Golden Ornithomancer Mantle

Golden Ornithomancer Mantle
  • Price: $1,500

In fact, while this item is not in tune with the general style of this Dota 2 hero. It’s still a great looking mantle, though. Rubick becomes covered with golden feathers, almost shining on the battle ground. You might like this rare skin. And you might enjoy its price, as the mantle was a promo item for The Frankfurt Major in 2015.

4. Axe of Phractos

Axe of Phractos
  • Price: $1,300-$1,900

This Dota 2 skin is an example of how rareness might become even more important than the actual look of an item. Axe of Phractos is ok, big and impressive, with a sort of flame on the blades. It has a unique animation, but you can’t call it the most beautiful thing in Axe’s inventory. However, the item is very rare. It was available in 2013, and now the price is almost over the moon.

5. Alpine Stalker’s Set

Alpine Stalker's Set
  • Price: $1,200-$1,300

It might seem weird how this costume can be so expensive. It barely suits the aesthetics of Dota 2. Exactly! Having Ursa looking like a cowboy felt unreasonable, and following many complaints from the players, Valve removed this item. After that, the price shot sky high. The whole set of these skins costs the most.

6. Genuine Tsukumo the Moon Cloud

Genuine Tsukumo the Moon Cloud
  • Price: $1,100-$1,200

This digital Dota 2 item was born from a physical one. Valve released a real-world statue of Mirana riding a bunny-like creature. To promote it, they added the same animal to the game. The “bunny” is blue and pretty beautiful. Still, the price is based on its rareness mostly.

7. Genuine Imperial Flame Swords Pack

Genuine Imperial Flame Swords Pack
  • Price: $900-$1,000

The pack contains two swords, covered with impressive flames. The price of these items for Dota 2 is based on their level of uniqueness. The pack was originally available only for Korean players, and now enthusiasts are ready to pay a considerable sum for the swords pack.

8. Golden Basher Blades

Golden Basher Blades
  • Price: $800-$850

Not only do these blades look awesome but also they change some animations for Anti-Mage. If you are interested in the item, look for the full bundle: weapon and off-hand. Separate blades don’t have such a price range.

9. Dragonclaw Hook

Dragonclaw Hook
  • Price: $750-$800

This Dota 2 cosmetic item changes Pudge’s hook, making the weapon even bigger. Also, the hero gets creepy spinal columns instead of chains on his arms. Pudge is a pretty popular character (maybe because of his bloody charisma). Most of his items have a high demand on the skins trading market.

10. Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness

Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness
  • Price: $600-$800

Mysterious flames appear on the chest of this Dota 2 hero, covering almost the whole body and going way behind the back. The skin resembles a very unusual armor. It looks great! In addition to that, Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness is extremely rare. Only those who could witness the First Blood at The International 2017 got it. That’s a pretty innovative method of distributing skins, and it creates such awesome gems.

By the way, just as a disclaimer — any (even the best, the most expensive ever) items are not a sufficient factor to make you a better player. Dedicated practice is a crucial moving power and it cannot be replaced with anything. It might even help you to go deep into pro esports. For more details on this topic, check out the article How to Start a Dota 2 Pro Career.

Unique in-game items are totally similar to art masterpieces — they become even more expensive as time flows. Still, according to the general advice on how to start investing in skins, it would be better to base your business on cheap and popular items, and saving the rare ones in your collection for long-term growth.

Another thing to notice about expensive cosmetic items — they do not support your reputation in the community if you cannot play the game on a good level. It would be better to have even the default look for The Best Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners, to gain the experience, and only then start showing off your cosmetic luxuries.

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