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The Most Expensive Dota 2 Items on Steam Market

The Most Expensive Dota 2 Items on Steam Market

The fantastic creatures of the Dota 2 world are very different and a bit weird. Powerful monsters, amazing magicians, deft warriors… Every one of them is a personality with unique abilities and a specific appearance. To understand the mechanics and battle skills of every hero, gamers should get lots of experience in this game and try every virtual guy and girl in practice.

To influence their costumes, armor, weapons, and other aspects of appearance, you need to have virtual Dota 2 items. They only affect the images on the screen, not battles, but this is quite something in the gaming world.

Where do these items come from?

Cosmetic items for Dota 2 can be gotten from the game for free – you just play and get prizes at the end of multiplayer battles. No-one can guarantee a nice item from such random drops, so you may play again and again, getting more and more Dota 2 new items and missing those you really wish to see on your heroes.

Although these items are strictly cosmetic, many gamers like them so much they are prepared to pay lots of money to own some especially rare items or Dota 2 sets. 

Here is a list of the most expensive items from Dota 2:

dota2 items
  • Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog – $38,000
  • Desert Sands Baby Roshan – $1,616-$2,106
  • Axe of Phractos – $1249-$1914
  • The Alpine Stalker’s Set – $772
  • Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor – $1,628
  • Genuine Imperial Flame Swords Pack – $741-$1471
  • Shattered Greatsword – $599-$1024
  • Genuine Gilded Edge – $341-$777
  • Corrupted Dragonclaw Hook – $706

Dota 2 items are really beautiful; they look nice on the virtual characters and create interesting animations during the game. These items differ from each other almost as much as Dota 2 heroes do.

So players should find something that suits their personality and their gaming style. After all, any skin or even Dota 2 new item is just a means of expressing ourselves in the virtual world. 

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