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CS2 Update: Big Changes to the Economy, Vertigo, and More

Counter-Strike 2 is getting even better with the most recent update. The developers have re-balanced the in-game economy, improved one of the bombsites, and adjusted some visual effects. In addition, players now can rent the whole Kilowatt collection for a week. All the details of the CS2 update from May 23, 2024 are in this post on DMarket Blog.

Economy Changes

Managing the in-game economy is super important for being a successful player—or rather, a successful CS2 team. You need to know what to buy for different rounds to remain effective in a match.

The basic principles of the Counter-Strike economy have not changed, but knowing the newest adjustments is crucial for every player.

cs2 agent with m4a4
  • The assault rifle M4A4 now costs $3,000 (instead of $3,100).
  • The Incendiary Grenade is now $500 (instead of $600).
  • The Terrorist team earns less for planting the bomb if it was defused: $600 (instead of $800).

Less Fire From Molotov and the Incendiary Grenades

Using these types of CS2 grenades is really important, as fire helps players block, damage or scare opponents.

Both Molotov (for Terrorists) and the Incendiary Grenades (for Counter-Terrorists) have changed with the CS2 Patch 5/23/2024.

  • The initial explosion and the following frames look different.

  • The flames cover less space and remain active for a decreased period of time.

While the visual changes will unlikely affect your behavior in CS2, it is a good idea to jump into a training session and discover how Molotov and the Incendiary Grenades work now. Check out our dedicated article to know how to remove bots in CS2 to avoid them interfering with your training.

Bombsite A on Vertigo

One of the best CS2 maps has been changed. Bombsite A on Vertigo has new features, and some older ones have been removed.

  • There is a catwalk on Bombsite A. It’s connected to the back area.
  • There is no connector between the elevators and the back areas of Bombsite A.
  • The developers have opened the passageway from the elevators and the scaffolding.
Bombsite A on Vertigo

In addition to this, the bombsite has a slightly different size. The spawn timing on Vertigo has also been adjusted.

Changes to other maps are not as significant. Some bugs on Mirage and Office have been fixed.

The CS2 update 5/23/2024 contains some other adjustments. We could probably mention chickens: Counter-Strike 2 got new variations of these birds; they can walk up hills and turn right. For less important changes, check out the official patch notes here.

Rent the Whole Kilowatt Collection

This new feature is simply mind-blowing! For the first time ever, Counter-Strike has an official option to use a collection of weapon skins, without any limits, for a week. Would you like to rent every item from the Kilowatt collection?

kilowatt case
  1. Buy the Kilowatt case.
  2. Open it with a case key.
  3. In the popped-up window press the Open to Rent button.
  4. Play CS2 with skins from the Kilowatt collection for a week. Only the Kilowatt case knives are not included.
Note that it’s an alternative to getting an item from the case. You cannot have both options.

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It’s nice to have such meaningful CS2 updates, as they bring better balance to the game. To stay informed on all the important changes in Counter-Strike 2, stay tuned to DMarket Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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