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CS2 Update: a New Active Pool map, Left-Handed Viewmodel, and More

On April 25, 2024, Valve released a pretty big update for Counter-Strike 2. The new version of the game answers requests from the dedicated community, including the return of arguably the most legendary map, and some practical gameplay features. Let’s highlight everything important happening in CS2!

Dust II is Back

The Active Map Pool hasn’t changed since the official release of CS2. Some players complained about having only seven maps to play on in Competitive and Premier Modes. Well, the number remains the same, but one specific map, a fan favorite, returns to the game. Yes, it’s true! Dust II is playable in the CS2 competitive matchmaking.

It replaces Overpass, which goes to Reserve (Casual matchmaking). We need to wait for CS2 esports events to see if Dust II is selected for top-level matches and where it will land in our list of the Best CS2 Maps ranked by popularity.

dust 2 map in cs2

Left-Handed Viewmodel in CS2

If it is more convenient for you to play CS2 with weapons in your left virtual hand, the game has a straightforward way to do so.

Head to the Game Settings menu and select your Preferred Viewmodel Left/Right Handedness.

Press H while playing to switch weapon hands directly during a CS2 match.

CS2 weapon in the left hand

Grenade Assistance

Throwing Smoke, Molotovs, and HE Grenades is super important for CS2 team strategies. Players use these utilities to block paths, cover themselves from opponents’ eyes, and deal damage at a distance. Now, the game provides players with useful grenade assistance.

A grenade line-up reticle appears after you take the utility into your hands. The delay for it is customizable. Direct the cross of two green lines at a spot you usually aim at and throw. This assistance should improve your accuracy with grenades. Sure, some line-up practice is necessary to know exactly where to use them.

grenade in cs2

A New Buy Menu Feature

With this update, CS2 has a new feature in the buy menu. In the top right corner, you can see The Next Round Minimum. You will get the specified amount regardless of the round outcome. This addition helps strategic players plan their purchases and even team actions.

CS2 Update 4/25/2024 Release Notes

This Counter-Strike 2 update brings some other fixes and improvements. We recommend checking out the official release notes here. They include HUD elements, gameplay, inventory, maps, etc.

Even CS2 skins got some adjustments. AK-47 | Inheritance and USP-S | Jawbreaker look slightly different now.

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